26 Mar 2015

The Importance of Translation Security for Global Businesses

Companies spend huge amounts of time and money protecting their data from prying eyes – installing anti-virus software, implementing firewalls and using the latest encryption standards to send documents to each other internally. But as soon as they have to […]

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16 Jan 2015

The Age of the T-Shaped Translator Is Upon Us

Though the concept of T-shaped individuals arose in the 1990s, it has become more prominent lately, particularly within the marketing industry. As you may already know, it refers not to how people actually look, but to their skill sets – […]

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30 Sep 2014

Most of the USA is Now Multicultural

Large parts of the US are now majority-minority America’s white population is expected to become a minority in 2043 – if estimates by the US Census Bureau are to be believed -something that has come about due to continuous mass […]

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19 Sep 2014

Reasons Why Selecting a Cheap Translation Agency is a Bad Idea

We all like to save money here and there, whether it’s moving to a low-cost hairdresser or switching allegiance to a budget supermarket. Businesses tend to think along the same lines, always looking to make a profit, only they’re more […]

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07 Jul 2014

The Difficulties of English Translations

It is often said that English is a difficult language to learn. Even native speakers of languages such as Mandarin or Russian – often thought by English speakers as difficult languages to master – have been known to throw their […]

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09 Jun 2014

Language Etiquette Tips for International Business

It’s one thing knowing a language, quite another knowing a country’s culture and business etiquette. Of course, professional translators are key for any company trading overseas. But a business deal can live or die simply because you have overlooked the […]

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28 May 2014

Why Content Management is More Than Just a CMS

The World Wide Web has reduced the barriers to entry to global markets significantly in recent years. It is now commonplace for businesses of all sizes –large, medium or small – to trade across international borders. Expanding your operation to […]

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22 May 2014

How to Manage Global Translation Teams

As global communication improves so the need for a geographically centralised workforce diminishes – and this is especially true in the world of translation. Emails, videoconferencing and intranet technology mean many of us work with colleagues not only in different […]

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13 May 2014

Managing a Translation Mix-Up

If you fall foul of a translation gaffe, how do you best manage the fall-out? Here are some effective tips… Today’s global business landscape means more and more companies – large, medium and small – are trading across borders. But […]

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22 Apr 2014

Translators Set to Benefit from European Business Growth

2014 might be a good year to be in the translation business. Things are starting to look up for small and medium-sized firms across Europe. With improving sentiment comes the prospect of economic growth. This means big business for translation […]

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