18 Mar 2014

Wales Inward Investment ‘Failing Because of Poor Language Skills’

Officials from Wales have failed to convince companies to invest in the country because they could not speak the languages of the countries where their “embassies” were based, an MP claims. Conservative David TC Davies slammed Wales’ record on foreign […]

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06 Mar 2014

Microsoft Develops Welsh Language Tool

Welsh is the only Celtic language that UNESCO does not classify as endangered. You could presume from this fact that it is the most successful Celtic language. It is certainly more established than Cornish, Breton, Scottish, Manx or even Irish. And […]

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27 Feb 2014

Pharmacy Translation Issue Causes Outrage

Supermarket giant Morrisons is attempting to extricate itself from a tight corner after a translation issue at one of its supermarket pharmacies in Wales. Last month, the parents of a 15-month-old boy were told their prescription for urgent steroid medicine […]

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31 Dec 2013

Translation in 2013: Our Most-Read Stories

A major Coca-Cola translation blunder, the history of swearing and a lad who learnt 22 languages in a matter of weeks – it’s been a big year for translation news. Here we take a look at the translation stories that […]

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21 Oct 2013

Marine Hailed for Interpreter Role

Translators, by their very nature, are among the first wave of retinue sent by any organisation trying to open new territories and emerging markets. However, sometimes those initial meetings can be worlds away from ‘tea on the lawn’ at the […]

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02 Sep 2013

Welsh Road Sign Displays Out-of-Office Message in Translation Blunder

Government officials who requested a translation for a Welsh road sign thought they were receiving their translation via an email reply. They sent the text “No entry for heavy goods vehicles. Residential site only.” to Swansea Council for translation into […]

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16 Jan 2012

Welsh Translation

Welsh Translation Service We hand-pick Welsh translation teams for each client’s account and brief the team so that they are fully prepared with exactly the right expertise and tools to handle your Welsh translations. We’ve developed unique tools of our […]

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