Keep track of all of your translation jobs with STREAM, our translation management platform.

Upload your content

Load your content into STREAM in a range of file formats including anything from Word or Excel to XML, HTML or JSON files.

Get a price

Obtain an instant quote for professional translation or transcreation based on the word count of your files.

Approve the job for translation

Once you're happy with the quote and delivery date – you can approve the job for translation instantly.

Translation Memory

We store your translations in our translation memory system so you never pay twice for the same translation.

Save time & moneyQuicker turnaround times and reduced costs for duplicate content

Maintain qualityYour translated content will all be of the same high quality

Ensure consistencyThe same tone of voice and style across all of your content

Machine Translation

Working with TranslateMedia allows you to gain access to the technical resources to train the neural machine translation models as well as the linguist resources to review and edit the NMT output to provide it with feedback and further training.

TranslateMedia's adaptive neural machine translation can provide you with:

CustomisationFully customised machine translation services, based on the latest neural networks technology


AdaptationRapid adaptation to match your organisation’s unique language, terminology and tone of voice requirements


Cost-effectivenessMeasurable improvements in productivity which convert into lower costs, and faster localisation


TransparencyDetailed reporting, account management and consultancy services to help you automate and optimise

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