Hybris Translation

Hybris is one of the best-known e-commerce platforms in the world, powering a huge number of the world’s largest retail brands. Recently acquired by the large German software provider, SAP, the Hybris platform is ideal for global omni-channel retail operations.

SAP, best known for its ERP software, stands to benefit a huge amount from the acquisition of Hybris as it positions itself as a global leader in next-generation e-commerce, providing businesses with the choice of on-premise or cloud deployment and optimising the customer experience for businesses and consumers across an ever-growing number of delivery channels, devices and touch points.

Today’s consumers demand a seamless brand experience across all channels. Businesses are taking notice and implementing strategies to ensure consistency across all of their global markets. And Hybris is an enterprise-level CMS that can help make this happen.

Hybris Translation Integration

TranslateMedia offers the ability to connect your Hybris-powered website to our proprietary workflow management tool, STREAM, using our custom API.

No longer do brands need to rely on manual exports and imports from their Hybris site, the whole process can now be automated by developing a few simple functions that allow your ecommerce store to deliver content to TranslateMedia for translation and have it delivered back to you for review and approval – saving lots of time and money in the process.

The whole process can be integrated into TranslateMedia’s translation memory tools – allowing for repeated phrases to be automatically translated at no cost with further integration with your brand’s style and tone-of-voice guidelines as well as a glossary of terms to ensure consistency and quality – regardless of the source or target language.

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