Better communication and organisation leads to efficiency; information about projects, translators, and clients is always at our fingertips.

The efficiency STREAM allows the linguists handling your work, both project managers and translators, to focus on the content and quality of translations rather than administrative tasks.

We offer STREAM to all clients, free of charge.



We were among the very first translation agencies to implement a translation workflow system, building our own. Although others have now followed in our path, the fact that we have been continuously developing our software for over five years means we have a mature and highly evolved suite of tools.

The workflow system is a customised programmed critical path which automates alerting and administrative tasks, to allow everyone involved in the translation process to focus on communication, and the work in hand. The workflow system is highly configurable and has been specifically developed to handle professional translation production.

Translation Technologies

STREAM is integrated with Translation Memory, a system for remembering and recalling past translations. This means that you get cost and time savings by re-using previously translated material. As default your Translation Memory is confidential to your account alone, but for large customers we can provide enterprise-wide, or department segmented memories.

Glossary management is also integrated with STREAM and works in conjunction with Translation Memory to ensure you have control and effective re-use of all your multi-language materials.

Secure Translation

STREAM has features to enable high security translation, removing file transfers and strictly controlling access to online translation materials through dual-factor authentication, IP security controls, and Information Security declarations and audits.

These features are modular and customisable so that we can create the right system for your translations.

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STREAM offers tools for you and your colleagues to do the following:

  • Receive instant quotes according to pre-agreed rates, including Translation Memory discounts
  • Order translations, immediately posting the work to your handpicked team
  • Track all work underway
  • Search in an archived storage centre for previous translations
  • Review, Edit and Approve Translations directly linked to your Translation Memory
  • Download MI reports to track our service levels and keep a handle on trends
  • Keep an eye on activity within your account (super-users only)

Online Review & Editing

STREAM provides an online review and editing tool to help with streamlining the approval process. Edits from reviewers are directly integrated with the Translation Memory. Where you have in-country reviewers or sales reps who sign off translations, these tools can help make that process quicker and easier.

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  1. STREAM is a collaborative platform for managing Translations
  2. STREAM has been developed to make your life, and the lives of everyone using it, easier
  3. STREAM is completely free at the point of use – there are no licensing costs, you can have unlimited numbers of users, and we offer 99.9% uptime

Setup and deployment of STREAM is also provided free of charge and takes minutes.

Contact us to schedule a dedicated live technology demonstration for your team, or for more information.


Our Translation Workflow System STREAM

Our Translation Workflow System STREAM

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