Translation and Localisation for Venda Ecommerce

Our language services help Venda eCommerce partners to create world class international web sites.

Automated translations for Venda eCommerce

The value and volume of eCommerce transactions is growing fast. According to CEO of Venda, Eric Abensur, over $1 billion of transactions were made using the Venda platform in 2011. Despite the globally depressed economy, global online retailing is definitely one area where business is booming.

TranslateMedia helps Venda partners to reach multi-market audiences. Our services make it easy to localise and translate websites quickly. Our proprietary web based workflow system, STREAM, means that that we can automatically receive text inputs and website sweeps from Venda platforms.

Creative and extensive translations for online retail

We employ an extensive database of qualified linguists to translate the different components of your eCommerce site. For example, we would not expect a person who was translating brand-led product descriptions to write the legal terms and conditions – each requires a different linguistic expertise. Our skills cover aspects eCommerce language such as,

  • Creative copywriting for banners
  • SKU marketing descriptions
  • Localised sizing
  • Checkout and ordering
  • User Experience FAQs
  • Legal Terms and Conditions

We also provide Venda partners with online proof reading and site validation checks for localised content.

Multilingual SEO drives eCommerce buyers

Your local language search engine strategy needs to complement and reflect the language used on your landing pages. We work with Venda partners to build multilingual SEO and SEM strategies (such as translating pay per click advertisements) which will drive native speaking visitors to your eCommerce website.

Recent SEO projects have delivered a highly effective return on investment, working with well briefed linguists using the right technology tools.

Click here for some recent statistics about the number of internet users in different countries. Interested in the US Hispanic market? View our article about this booming opportunity.

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