Translations for Amazon Webstores

Language services help Amazon Webstore sellers to reach new markets.

TranslateMedia provides language and support services for Amazon Webstore sellers. We help you scale your online presence and sell more by translating Webstores into different languages.

The language of online retail is evolving. Less than a quarter of Internet users are native English speakers. Customers expect to be addressed in their native language and will be more likely to buy from you.

Our translation services are professional and simple so that you can optimise your international Webstores and offer a high quality customer experience across different markets.

You can translate your site content into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and 250 other languages.

Optimise international sales using Amazon Webstores

Effective Webstores use different language in different parts of the site. A creative and succinct approach is needed to write product descriptions that are eye-catching and inviting. At the Checkout, precise and clear language is needed so that customers don’t abandon the process because of misleading terminology.

TranslateMedia will optimise your translations at the different stages in the sales process:

  • Banners and headlines
  • Product descriptions
  • Delivery and returns
  • Checkout content
  • FAQs
  • Customer emails

How translations for Amazon Webstores works

Webstore users can submit product feeds so that you can use the same SKUs across multiple international markets. We will strip out the formatting code and our project management system software will provide an accurate quotation based on the number of words, calculating discounts for repeated phrases. Once translated, we re-insert the formatting into the translated individual language files so you can upload the text.

TranslateMedia can build you a customised upload link using an API or a secure, dedicated FTP site. If you prefer, we can receive auto feeds from different CMS, Crawlers or eCommerce platforms such as Magento and Venda.

We also build multilingual SEO and SEM strategies which will drive native speaking local traffic to your Webstore.

We understand that deadlines are often tight and offer a 24/7 rush service. We can also provide you with top class quality and proof reading check before translated text is approved.

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