05 Oct 2015

Perceptions of UK Brands Abroad

Viewed from abroad, many familiar UK brands appear unrecognisable to their domestic audience. Whilst long-established shoe brand Clarks is seen as a sensible choice of footwear for British school kids, over in Jamaica the brand has considerable street cred and […]

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15 Sep 2015

International Markets Are Not Homogeneous Units

Any marketer worth their salt understands that markets are not homogeneous units. Populations vary according to demographic, cultural, social and economic factors and all these factors will affect consumer behaviour. Understanding how this diversity within the consumer base affects your […]

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03 Sep 2015

Digital Natives and the Future of Online Retail

They’re called ‘digital natives’ – young consumers who have grown up with the internet and who have always known the presence of digital technologies in their lives. Unlike their older counterparts the ‘digital immigrants’, digital natives are accustomed to online […]

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01 Sep 2015

Digital Transformation Across Cultures

Digital transformation has become somewhat of a buzzword recently. Everyone claims to be doing it? But who’s succeeding? And how are they managing it across different languages and cultures? Digital transformation is a process that organisations engage in to realign […]

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26 Aug 2015

How To Boost Creativity in the Workplace

Without creativity, businesses risk their products becoming undifferentiated commodities. So how do businesses encourage and nurture creativity? The UK is a world leader when it comes to the creative industries. But globalisation has created an environment in which the success […]

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06 Aug 2015

How Different Cultures Handle Time

Do you value punctuality? Can you multitask? How well do you deal with interruptions? Your approach to these matters may reveal whether you come from a monochronic culture – one that sees time as a linear concept – or a […]

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30 Sep 2014

Most of the USA is Now Multicultural

Large parts of the US are now majority-minority America’s white population is expected to become a minority in 2043 – if estimates by the US Census Bureau are to be believed -something that has come about due to continuous mass […]

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23 Jun 2014

Video Game Localisation: Challenges & Pitfalls

The global video gaming industry is set to break the 100 billion dollar (£58.6 billion) barrier this year, research suggests. Its value grew from 79 billion dollars (£46.3 billion) in 2012 to 93 billion dollars (£54.5 billion) last year, according […]

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13 May 2014

Managing a Translation Mix-Up

If you fall foul of a translation gaffe, how do you best manage the fall-out? Here are some effective tips… Today’s global business landscape means more and more companies – large, medium and small – are trading across borders. But […]

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31 Dec 2013

Translation in 2013: Our Most-Read Stories

A major Coca-Cola translation blunder, the history of swearing and a lad who learnt 22 languages in a matter of weeks – it’s been a big year for translation news. Here we take a look at the translation stories that […]

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