04 May 2016

The Impact of a ‘Brexit’ on Language

The June referendum about whether the UK will stay in the EU is getting closer, and the latest polls seem to indicate that ‘leave’ vote may be slightly ahead of the ‘stay’ camp. For the first time in recent history, […]

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03 May 2016

Coping with Culture Shock: The Five Stages

Culture shock is something that tends to be joked about but it’s a real phenomenon and one that can have a deep impact on people suffering from it. From a business perspective, culture shock can be an issue of real […]

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26 Apr 2016

Why Japan FinTech Innovation Lags Behind the Rest of the World

There are many reasons why Moneytree, a Japan-based FinTech app, shouldn’t have succeeded. Japan is a notoriously conservative market, where both corporations and consumers are highly risk averse. The success of the app, which enables its users to connect their […]

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22 Apr 2016

How Culture Impacts Creativity

A recent study by Columbia University has suggested that our creative output may be partly determined by our cultural background. Using a relatively small sample size of only 300 subjects, researchers tested a theory that people from individualistic cultures may […]

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21 Apr 2016

Crowdsourcing Translation Projects: Can It Ever Be Effective?

A number of high profile companies have chosen a crowdsourced approach to translating their content. But is crowdsourcing a good choice for global brands or retailers? Crowdsourcing translation is usually enabled by the internet, using dedicated translation platforms to enlist […]

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19 Apr 2016

Can You Copyright a Language?

A strange legal case has recently raised a curious issue – is it possible to copyright a language? Hollywood film studio Paramount Pictures is attempting to assert its ownership of the Klingon language to prevent it being used in a […]

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12 Apr 2016

How to Write an Effective Translation Brief

A well-written translation brief makes all the difference to the success of a translation project. The success of any translation or transcreation project relies on the ability to determine how feasible the source text is for the intended audience and […]

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11 Apr 2016

Cognitive Biases That Influence Decision Making

Making a business decision is notoriously tricky. The higher up the chain you climb, the more responsible you become for your decisions and the more difficult the decision-making process becomes. This presents a challenge for B2B marketers as they seek […]

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08 Apr 2016

How Closed Societies Develop Anti-Languages

A recent article by the BBC claimed that rebellious, norm-breaking communities were rejecting common languages in favour of continuously changing coded words designed to confuse the authorities. These are known as ‘anti-languages’. Languages change and evolve on a constant basis, […]

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06 Apr 2016

10 Steps to Taking Your Startup Global

When a business experiences huge levels of growth in one market, the next logical step is to eye up opportunities in other markets. However, the strategies that allow for a company to experience huge growth in one market don’t automatically […]

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