Hosting Options for Global Websites

Hosting Options for Global Websites

When entering new markets overseas, one of the first decisions you will need to make is where your website is hosted.

When choosing your hosting provider, the physical location of their data centres and web servers can have a big impact on page load speed and the ability to rank on local search engines. Your choice of host will also influence your domain and URL structure.

The three most common hosting options available to businesses are shared, dedicated and virtual private server hosting. Each comes with pros and cons, so it’s worth setting some time to go through the different available options.

In addition to hosting providers and their locations, businesses operating across different regions should also seek advice on how to handle the personal data of their local customers. Many countries around the world (Russia and Brazil among others) have or plan to introduce laws governing data localisation.

For examples and instructions on choosing hosting solutions, as well as more information on website localisation best practices, download our guide to website localisation.

Written by Antonio
Antonio is part of the Digital Marketing Team at TranslateMedia

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