Multilingual Social Media in Melbourne

Multilingual Social Media in Melbourne

Recently we wrote an article citing studies by data experts from University College London – who mapped the geographical location of around 3.3 million tweets sent by users based in London and 8.5 million in New York. The findings of the studies, which can be seen here, showed that in London, while more than 90% of tweets were in English, 66 other languages were detected, including the likes of Swahili, Haitian Creole and the Philippine language of Tagalog. New York was not quite as diverse, with English tweets accounting for 94% of the total – but the Big Apple still had tweets being recorded in 34 different languages.

Now Simon Jackson, who works at ESRI Australia, a provider of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, has recreated the study focussing on multilingual social media in Melbourne, Australia.

A total of 58 languages have so far been detected in Melbourne (and the map that he has produced depicts the top 5). For now, Malay is the most popular language on Twitter excluding English.

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Written by Yusuf Bhana
Yusuf Bhana
Yusuf is Head of Digital at TranslateMedia. He has an interest in how technology can help businesses achieve their marketing objectives. He's been working in digital marketing and web development since 2001 across a wide range of industries and clients.

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