Office Upgrade

This month our London office was upgraded – we knocked through a wall to make some more room, and re-arranged things to add a new break area.

The upgrade has been in planning for a while and everyone in the office was asked to contribute ideas on the decoration and layout. We’re very happy with the results and our new seats in the office as a result, and the break area is looking good.

Our Head of Production, Leona Frank, chose a bold dark purple colour for a few of the walls to balance up the rest of the office, which was painted white. The result is excellent and we now have an office that keeps all our corporate colours; white walls, purple walls, and blue carpet.

Everyone helped with moving things around and re-wiring the office on the Friday afternoon. This meant that the move took far less time than anticipated. It was a great effort and everyone pulled together to make a difference. 

As part of the upgrade we boosted our internet connection to help improve productivity. We were also careful to leave a nice big white space on the wall next to the breakout area for the projector, for films, and to plug in the TranslateMedia Wii. It’s also ready just in time for the World Cup in June…important as we have so many different countries to cheer on!

It was a great exercise, and the result is a more spacious, brighter and friendlier office layout, and happier people.

We keep information on key employees and their biographies on the individual TranslateMedia office pages on our website.

Written by Matt Train
Matt Train
Matt Train is Operations Director at TranslateMedia - responsible for working with clients and system integration partners to advise, plan, and deliver multilingual digital content for international brands and content publishers.

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