Pharmaceutical Firm Opens New Frankfurt Office

Pharmaceutical Firm Opens New Frankfurt Office

Belgium-based research organisation ganae is pressing ahead with its long-term plans for international expansion by opening a new branch in Germany.

The opening of its offices in Frankfurt is expected to lead to the creation 12 to 15 new posts over the next three years, according to genae CEO Bart Segers.

“We continue to expand our operations in Europe and beyond to serve our customers better by providing local anchoring and cultural compatibility, while maintaining a global focus on research,” he added.

The main focus of genae’s business is concerned with the development and commercialisation of medical devices, biologics and therapies that change medical practice.

Analysts in the medical/pharmaceuticals sector show little surprise at the news. There are currently 480 trials with medical devices under way in Germany. This figure accounts for nearly one in five of all device trials in the whole of Europe. Decision makers at parent company genae associates nv are hoping that the newly formed genae Germany GmbH will help the company to cash in on some of the advanced research taking part in the central European powerhouse at present.

International hub

Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest international airports in the world and Frankfurt Central Station is one of the largest train station terminals in Europe. Looking to the future, chiefs at ganae believe these facts will play to their advantage as the company bids to cement its position as a major player in the international pharmaceutical market.

Firms hoping to compete in an international market will find it necessary to consider such issues as transport links, translation services, currency and international legal systems. The full-service contract research organisation (CRO) describes itself as an innovative service provider for the medical industries that aims to improve health and quality of life by innovating and accelerating high quality research.

The group has been certified by the International Organisation for Standardisation under it ISO 9001 series to undertake a number of services for the medical industries, including:

  • clinical trial management
  • data management
  • statistical analysis
  • safety
  • regulatory
  • core laboratory
  • medical writing.

Pastures new

The move comes hot on the heels of a previous expansion into Europe last year, when ganae opened new offices in Switzerland.

The group revealed in December that setting up genae International AG in Zurich was aimed at supporting the group’s expanding operations on the continent.

Mr Sergers said: “The Swiss offices reflect the growing demand of our strategic partners to provide local presence and tailored support.

“With local anchoring, we aim at accelerating high-quality and cost-contained recruitment and execution of our medical device trials in Switzerland and other European countries.”

And ganae does not limit its collaborations to Europe. In October, the company announced it would be working with world-renowned academic research organisation (ARO) Yale University’s Yale Cardiovascular Research Group (YCRG)

The agreement will make it easier for both organisations to come together in terms of cross-marketing, referral of services to each other, co-facilitation of liaison with regulatory and governmental bodies, and co-deployment of staff, facilities and other resources.

YCRG director Dr Alexandra Lansky said: “The growing demand for high-quality but cost-conscious clinical research faces technological, economic and regulatory change.

“This unique ARO/CRO collaboration takes advantage of the opportunities of sponsored clinical trials to advance scientific understanding and to promote a broad application of evidence-based medicine that will ultimately benefit patients. It combines the need for academic vision and guidance with the need for partners that have an entrepreneurial approach, scalable capabilities and financial backing to invest for the future.”

Written by Yusuf Bhana
Yusuf Bhana
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