TranslateMedia Acquires McElroy Translation

TranslateMedia acquires McElroy Translation

Austin, TX (17 January 2013)—TranslateMedia (  is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of the Texas based translation company, McElroy Translation (

McElroy Translation has been a provider of specialist translation services for 45 years and works with an extensive list of Corporate 500, life sciences, and technology companies, with many relationships exceeding 20 years.

Diane and Ryan McElroy, owners of the company and representatives of the McElroy family, selected TranslateMedia with the intention of providing both clients and employees greater opportunities that stem from a strong, growing company with an extensive global footprint.

“In 1968, my husband, Ralph McElroy, founded McElroy Translation and became one of the true innovators in the translation business—creating a stable working environment for translators and demanding excellence  for customers at all times,” said Diane McElroy. “As we pass the torch of his legacy to the team at TranslateMedia, we do so knowing that we have made a choice that will best support the needs of our clients and employees  while continuing to uphold the reputation of the McElroy Translation name.”

Ryan McElroy continued, “I know that my father was extremely proud of the company that he built and the loyal employees that have served the company well over these many years. The family is deeply grateful for their ongoing service. We are excited about these changes, and we are confident that this great team will continue to make the family proud.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working for McElroy Translation since 1993,” said Jennifer Cardenas, Director of Production. “The company’s evolution over the past several decades will continue into this next chapter as we merge with the team at TranslateMedia. I look forward to the increased level of services we will be able to provide. Given a greater global presence, extended hours of operation, and new services enabled through TranslateMedia’s world class technology (including social media monitoring and interpreting), our clients will see great things from us. I am also enthusiastic about the varied opportunities this venture will provide our staff because of TranslateMedia’s size and global presence. This is a very exciting time.”

“We are delighted to continue the adventure that Ralph McElroy began so many years ago and to continue to work with this fantastic list of clients and team. McElroy Translation will continue to office in Austin, Texas as a hub for translation services in the southern and western regions of North America. Through our offices in Austin, New York, London, Paris, Munich, and Hong Kong, we look forward to providing clients with a more extended, round the clock service”, added Patrick Eve, TranslateMedia’s Managing Director.


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