Translators Feedback

Translators Feedback

Back in December we asked a small group of our translators to give us feedback directly on how they found working with us, our systems and our people.

We used the feedback to look closely at the way we work and address our translators, without whom we would be very clearly lost. The comments have had a direct effect on the way we are working, and the process was really positive, despite some concerns that we could open a can of worms.

There’s sometimes resistance to this kind of openness in business; being competitive is often seen to go hand in hand with keeping your cards to your chest. But increasingly we don’t see that – our openness is an advantage.

Question 1: Please rate working with TranslateMedia from 1 (poor) to 5 (great)

Question 2: Please rate from 1 to 5 your experience of our Project Managers

Question 3: Please rate from 1 to 5 your experience of using our workflow system

Question 4: Are TranslateMedia’s Project Managers easy to reach and helpful?

Question 5: Is there anything we could do to improve our relationship with you?

Question 6: How does our workflow system compare with others that you have used?

Question 7: How often do you experience IT problems when working with TranslateMedia’s system?

Question 8: When you experience problems are they solved quickly and easily or do they entail other problems?

If you’d like any more information please feel free to get in touch –

Written by Matt Train
Matt Train
Matt Train is Operations Director at TranslateMedia - responsible for working with clients and system integration partners to advise, plan, and deliver multilingual digital content for international brands and content publishers.

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