Translation Agency New York

TranslateMedia Translation Services

27 West 24th Street
Suite 407
New York, New York 10010
Tel:+1 (212) 796 5636
The New York office was opened in May 2008, and we quickly became successful with key clients, who enjoyed our simple, professional approach to translation services.

Our team here in New York includes translation project managers with experience at the UN and in-house at global brands, as well as business development people with very strong track records in the translation and language services industry.

Our New York office is located in the borough of Manhattan, right in the heart of the city, amongst the many famous landmarks, tourist attractions, museums, and universities.

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Our service in the US is supported by operations in Europe and Asia, meaning we can offer clients a truly global, 24 hour service. This service is delivered not only via our simple online tools, but also over the phone, through email, and in face-to-face meetings, by our highly-qualified and talented project management staff, local to you.We are preferred supplier to several of the world’s leading law firms, banks, media agencies, market research companies, and clients in many other industries, helping them to do things more efficiently, and communicate with their customers around the world, as seamlessly as possible.Related pages on other sites:

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