Translation Services

We have a wealth of expertise translating websites, apps and digital content for marketing and advertising, as well as documents for the the legal, financial and medical sectors.

Translation is highly dependent on both the sector and the type of document being translated. Technical document translation is very different to that of a sales brochure or brand strapline. Each requires a different translation service. We work with specialists in each of the sectors we operate in to ensure that you always have the right translation team working on your project. This ensures that the translated content is produced to the highest level of quality and accuracy.

Specific Translation Experience & Knowledge

  • Direct experience of the subject matter
  • A clear understanding of the context
  • Industry experience
  • An understanding of the appropriate tone of voice
  • Knowledge of industry terminology

All of these factors need to be addressed to produce high quality translation services.

Our Approach

We go through a detailed account set-up process for each new client to build a profile of exactly the right linguistic team.

We then hand-pick a team from our pre-vetted database of language and translation professionals. Where necessary we head-hunt through our global network.

Our network of professional translators extends around the globe and includes more than 6,000 expert linguists. They support our translation services from on-site locations all over the world.

Translation Quality

Because of the volume of work we do, we regularly work with many of the world’s best professional translators. Our translation workflow tools continually track and assess the performance of our translators, but there is no substitute for the quality assurance and customer service provided by our in-house expert linguist Project Managers.

Our translation services have been independently audited and awarded the ISO 17100 and ISO9001 quality standards. Internally we have created a client service charter which distills our aspirations into a set of key principles that guide the way that we work, the way that our clients are treated, and the way that we deliver our translation services.

Call us to find out how we can help you manage your translations.

Our Services


If you’re looking for a way of marketing your products and services to consumers around the world, you might wish to harness the benefits of creative translation – or transcreation services. You may already have marketing copy that has proven effective in reaching one target market but in order for it to attract consumers who speak other languages you will need to enlist TranslateMedia’s award-winning transcreation services.

Document Translation

Our document translation services are fast, secure and flexible. We’re able to handle almost any document format. At the core of our document translation services lies our proprietary translation management software STREAM which links in with our dedicated translation management software.

While other agencies have now followed in our path, we were among the very first translation agencies to implement a document translation workflow system. This gives us the advantage of having been continuously developing our software for over five years which means we have a mature and highly evolved suite of tools.

Legal Translation

Founded in 2004, TranslateMedia Legal is an established leader in translation services. We continue to enjoy success thanks to our efficient, professional approach. We have passed successive quality audits and in 2010 were ranked in the top 10 fastest growing digital media & technology companies in Europe. We develop our own translation management technology that allows us to focus on providing a top quality customer experience.

Pharmaceutical Translation

TranslateMedia understands that there are different types of documents which need to be translated in the pharmaceutical industry. To ensure that documents comply with Regulatory standards in Europe, North America and Asia TranslateMedia has partnered with ERA Consulting. ERA Consulting are Regulatory Affairs experts for the pharmaceutical industry and offer Pharmacovigilance solutions.

Financial Translation

Founded in 2004, TranslateMedia Financial is an established leader in financial translation. We continue to enjoy success thanks to our efficient, professional approach. We have passed successive quality audits and in 2010 were ranked in the top 10 fastest growing digital media & technology companies in Europe. We develop our own translation management technology that allows us to focus on providing a top quality customer experience.

Website Translation

We understand that your website has the potential to connect your business to a global audience, but a poor translation can alienate your target market. Our expert language services guarantee accuracypunctuality, and confidentiality, which is why TranslateMedia is currently a market leader for translating websites and blogs into over 90 languages.

Marketing & Advertising Translation

The way in which a brand communicates with consumers varies by culture and also according to the product itself. Translating copy from one language and culture to another is therefore a highly sensitive operation. We provide a wide range of services for all kinds of international campaigns. Sometimes what we do falls somewhere between translating and copywriting “creative copy”. Often there is no simple name for what we do – it’s just explained in a creative brief…

Market Research Translation

Market research translation can be a valuable tool for success, whether your business is trying to improve its current standing on an international stage or expanding to reach a new foreign language market. At TranslateMedia, we offer market research translations to businesses around the world. Our post-graduate trained, qualified linguists work hard to provide high-quality results – they have a thorough understanding of the language and culture in which they are working, as well as the objectives of your multilingual research translation project.

Technical Translation

We achieve very high quality technical translations by first selecting professional expert translators who have direct expertise in the relevant field. Then we examine the use of glossaries, implementing them through a Translation Memory system. Consistent, high-quality, clear technical translations can make a real difference to the uptake and perception of your product. Please contact one of our professionals to discuss your needs.

Online Gaming Translation

We have a large market share in online gaming based on our ability to build teams that deliver quickly. In terms of volume, our main gaming work is translating direct email marketing into multiple languages in a short period of time. This helps our clients to reach their subscribers when the news is as fresh as possible.

Public Sector Translation

We are very familiar with the whole tendering process and welcome invitations to tender for public or governmental sector work. TranslateMedia has a long-standing relationships with various parts of government in several countries. We can also offer to consult on how to run an effective translations tender.

Defence & Security Translation

The need for sensitivity from your translation team is imperative. We translate and summarise political risk analyses for several leading security consultancies. We also translate highly confidential and sensitive materials where our data security and ability to maintain secrecy is of critical importance.

“A big thank you to all, it’s a pleasure working with TranslateMedia. Out of all my third party suppliers you guys are no doubt the best!”
Susie, Wunderman

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