Danish Translation

We hand-pick Danish translation teams for each client’s account and brief the team so that they are fully prepared with exactly the right expertise and tools to handle your Danish translations.

We’ve developed unique tools of our own, to offer you the best professional Danish translation service possible in terms of security and efficiency. We have specialist teams of Danish linguists in various fields and competences. They are experts in their industry, with relevant knowledge and experience, and we assign them to work according to their skills sets.

Although many of our Danish linguists are located in Denmark we also have a large number of mother tongue Danish translators and interpreters dispersed all around the world. Our global Project Management presence and dispersed teams of Danish translators means that we can offer you real advantages where you have tight turnaround requirements – whether you’re translating content from English to Danish, Danish to English, or any of the 90 other languages we have expertise in.

Danish Interpreting Service

There are a variety of different types of Danish interpreting to suit each different situation.

Ensuring you get the best best services is a matter of planning ahead, booking early and clearly defining what you need and expect from your team of Danish interpreters.

We have a lengthy experience in providing Danish interpreters in a range of different situations and we are able to advise you on the best setup. Our Project Managers look after large interpreting projects involving many interpreters, booths and audio equipment, across the world, for high-profile government and celebrity events and press conferences, as well as small individual interpretation requests.

To give you a quote for interpreting we will need to know:

  • the languages that you need interpreting between
  • the number of speakers and listeners
  • the venue for the meeting/event
  • any equipment you might need
  • dates

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