French Financial Translation

Each of our French financial translators has extensive experience, relevant qualifications and an outstanding individual track record in providing French financial translations.

As an agency, we are very well set up for financial translations:

  • We have a large client base of international financial services companies.
  • We hold relevant quality certifications.
  • We are a member of key industry bodies, including the ATA and ITI.
  • We have a large number of professional, qualified French financial translators available immediately and already under binding non-disclosure agreements.

Accounting standards vary from country to country, with key terms that need to be translated appropriately and not merely transcoded from one language to the other. That is why it is critical that the work be translated by native French speakers who have the required knowledge and experience.

We are able to translate annual reports and all kinds of financial statements, prospectuses and other materials from and into French. One of the most widely translated languages in the world (both into French and out of French), we work extensively with the French language and benefit enormously from having an office in Paris.

Although this means that many of our French interpreters and translators are located in-country in France, we have a large number of French linguists strategically placed around the rest of the globe also. And with the similarly global reach of our project management teams, this means that we have all time zones covered. The result of this is that we can be a tremendous asset to you – particularly when it comes to jobs that have tight turnaround requirements.


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