French Translation

Since our translation agency was founded in 2004, we’ve opened offices all around the world, including an office in Paris, France. This benefits us enormously in our extensive work with the French language and with hand-picking the best native French translators.

Our expertise in French translation services cover a whole host of topics including legal, marketing, financial and document translation, along with many other industry sectors.

Whether you’re interested in English-to-French or French-to-English translations, your TranslateMedia project manager will hand-pick a team of professional French translators to form a team that matches exactly the skills sets required to do your work to the highest possible standard, should your source require anything from a technical translation to a creative twist to make it flow like a native text.

Our commitment to providing translators with both native language competency and extensive subject knowledge relevant to your translation is one of many reasons we have been independently awarded the ISO9001 certification, amongst numerous other awards.

French Website Translation

TranslateMedia is a global leader in website translation. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest brands and creative agencies to deliver high-quality translations in over 50 languages, of which French is one of the most popular.

Each and every month we translate in excess of 1 million words for internet publication. Our experience, along with the processes we use, allows us to do this efficiently and accurately.

As with other languages, French web content is increasing exponentially, and together with this is the development of evermore complex systems for producing dynamic, localised French material that adjusts according to the user.

By localising websites, brands can enjoy huge increases in traffic and conversion rate increases of an average of 70%. The strategies that we have developed handle all French website and web content translations, from small websites to CMS systems containing the most recent material.

Our approach is to look at the requirements of each and every one of our clients. From there we advise them on the most suitable work method and, where applicable, incorporate technology in order to work as efficiently as possible. Read a case study on how we came up with a novel approach to save an online retailer a great deal of time and money on a huge translation project.

French PPC

When considering extending a business into the French market, PPC could be a useful tool before branching out with SEO or expanding physical operations into France and Francophone countries.

PPC is a form of paid search, also known as CPI (cost per impression) or CPM (cost per mille).

It is one of the most popular methods for entering new overseas markets, allowing companies to appear at the top of French web-search results very quickly and at a relatively low charge.

TranslateMedia has carried out in-depth keyword research, enabling us to guarantee that you get optimum value from your paid search activity by ensuring that you’re using the keywords searched most widely and most often by your French-speaking audience, so you won’t be wasting money on clicks for irrelevant or unprofitable words and customer segments. In the long term this will aid in improving your ROI as a consequence of PPC activity.

French SEO

TranslateMedia specialises in international SEO and we have just the expertise required to help you increase your French-language search traffic in any Francophone region that your company operates in.

International SEO is essentially an instrument to help your website rise to the top of the worldwide search engine rankings. Whether you want to carry out a French SEO operation across the whole of your website for a mass of search phrases, or just a couple of key pages, by using TranslateMedia you can be sure that you have the proficiency of trained SEO professionals and translators.

All our translators are native French speakers and professionally trained linguists, and we take an all-encompassing approach to our French SEO service, guaranteeing that your website enjoys a higher volume of targeted traffic from a French-speaking audience.

French Transcreation

‘Transcreation’ is a term used in the translation industry to refer to the adaptation of a text to suit the cultural understanding of a specific target audience.

Many companies are confronted with a wealth of challenges when seeking to expand their business into France and other French-speaking countries. Being aware of local cultural nuances and adapting your text accordingly is decisive to succeeding in a Francophone business market. When brands break into French territory it’s important that their marketing and advertising messages are modified for a French-speaking market, whilst still preserving the purpose, style, nature and framework of the source text.

At TranslateMedia, we work with a wealth of native French translators located throughout the Francophone world, meaning you will always have a translator who is familiar with the cultural understanding of your target audience and possesses the necessary skills to transcreate your text in line with their needs.

French Translation Management

STREAM is a secure translation management portal, exclusively developed by TranslateMedia, which allows you to streamline your translation management workflow, thus minimising costs, increasing efficiency and accuracy and enabling you to monitor the progress of your translation projects in one place.

This system provides optimum efficiency, enabling us to offer very quick turnaround times and the highest level of French translation service.

Our clients receive initial consultancy to ensure that we personalise the entire process according to your business and your own working preferences.
This includes offering you:

  • A professional linguist Project Manager as your main point of contact
  • A hand-picked team of professional French translators, briefed specifically for your work
  • Escalation and technical contacts
  • A tailored online portal (STREAM) for ordering, tracking and reporting
  • Detailed and flexible monthly reporting
  • Translation memories



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