Low Cost Translations

Low cost translations

We provided low cost translations of over 15 million words in 2013

With the continuing explosion of online content, many website managers are finding it difficult to find the best price translations they need to engage a global audience.

Summary Translations, where the key content is picked out and summarised in the required foreign languages, are faster to produce, cheaper, and easier to maintain than full translations. Our experience in this kind of translation is wide ranging and comprehensive, and our tools are designed to make this work as efficient as possible.

The approach is not always suitable, but can offer compelling benefits in providing cheap translations and faster turnarounds.

Click here to download our case study on how we successfully provided a Low Cost Summary Translations Service to a leading online hotel bookings service.

“We were really impressed with the innovative approach that TranslateMedia took to finding a solution for our translation needs. This project was a huge task, but TranslateMedia’s team of translators rose to the challenge and produced good quality translations for our website, on time. We continue to use TranslateMedia’s expert services for our ongoing translation needs.”
Kate, LateRooms.com

If summary translations are not suitable for your project there are other options. Machine Translation and Post-editing is a relatively new approach in the industry and is not always suitable, but where it fits it can help reduce translation costs.

Any organisation looking at cutting their translation spend should know about Translation Memory. We offer a full translation memory management service, which means that we store all of your translations inside a database.

When a new text arrives for translation we analyse this and apply cost-savings for repeated areas or similar texts. We house and manage the implementation of your translation memories, but they are always your property and can be requested in a universal interchange format (TMX) at any time, should you decide to do translation work in-house, or to outsource to more than one supplier.

We have a variety of approaches that help us to reduce costs and increase turnaround times.

Speak to us today to enquire about prices find out how we can help you save money on translations.

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