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The way in which a brand communicates with consumers should vary not only by culture but by specific target audience.

In today’s globally connected society, translation and localisation is key to allowing businesses to successfully expand into new developed and emerging markets overseas. But translating copy and marketing campaigns from one language and culture to another is a sensitive operation and one that requires an in-depth knowledge of the target audience, language and culture. This is why many companies opt for getting their marketing materials localised with the help of a professional translation agency.

Our company provides a wide range of services for all kinds of international marketing campaigns, including multilingual content marketing and digital marketing services. Sometimes what we do falls somewhere between translating and creative copywriting. Often there is no simple label for the service we provide since it’s bespoke to each client and is largely changed depending on the client, industry sector, target audience, language and market.

Communicating your core brand message

Selling your product or service effectively to a foreign market means communicating your core brand message to your target audience.

A grammatically correct and accurate translation is rarely enough. In fact, when it comes to translation for the purposes of advertising your product in a new market, a translation which respects your original text in every way may actually prove counterproductive. Very often, what is needed is the translation of an idea, a concept or a wider message, rather than a translation of mere words. The way in which a brand communicates with its consumers varies from culture to culture and from product to product: advertising translation is a sensitive operation, and a potential cultural minefield.

TranslateMedia provides a wide range of marketing translation services for all kinds of international advertising. We tailor the service we provide to our client’s individual needs, based on a creative brief, adopting a consultative approach, offering the service most suited to the needs of the client. Sometimes, the service required may fall somewhere between translating and copywriting: our deep pool of creative and linguistic talent means that we are extremely well-positioned to rise to any multinational marketing challenge.

Our Creative & Linguistic Expertise

Our creative copywriters and translators have a wide experience of translating and adapting advertising messages and marketing copy. Additionally, your translation project is handled by industry experts, many of them translators themselves, who can provide best-practice advice at every step of your campaign. We have thousands of translators with fluency in over 90 languages and in-depth marketing knowledge. They’re located in country in almost every region around the world. Check out our World Linguist Map to find out where they are and what languages they speak.

Our Marketing Translation Services

  • Advertising translation
  • Website translation
  • App localisation
  • Email marketing translation
  • Brochure translation
  • International SEO
  • Multilingual social media monitoring and management
  • And more…

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