Norwegian Translation

We can offer Norwegian translations for a range of services and industry sectors.

So whether you need to translate leaflets, documents, manuals, or digital content; our skilled project managers will ensure we meet all your needs in terms of time limits, document formats, industry-specific terminology and selecting the most suitable translators for your specific field and target market.

Our translators

Although most of our Norwegian linguists are based in Norway, TranslateMedia’s mother tongue Norwegian translators are based across the globe including a handful in the UK, US and Europe. Having Norwegian translators in different time zones allows us to be flexible in delivering a high-quality Norwegian translation service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Norwegian Translation Services

Norwegian Website Translation Service

At TranslateMedia, we specialise in translating content for an international online audience. Our services include website translation, social media monitoring, SEO and PPC translation. Our expertise in these services will help you achieve high rankings on local search engines, allowing you to reach out to your target audiences in their native language. Our transcreation specialists will be able to help you not only to translate the content of interest, but also adapt it for use in the Norwegian market to allow you to achieve the best results from your Norwegian content.

Norwegian Document Translation Service

Our Norwegian linguists are able to translate documents in a wide range of different file types and formats. And thanks to TranslateMedia’s centralised project management infrastructure, our teams can work quickly and efficiently to meet your requirements and deadlines. Since many of the documents you may want to translate could be of a confidential nature, we ensure your documents are kept safe by providing a fully encrypted environment for your files in our translation management system, STREAM.

Norwegian Contract Translation Service

A number of our Norwegian linguists are specialists in contract translation. As contracts are legally binding documents and include critical information, both our Norwegian contract translators and our project managers understand the importance of translating contracts in a formal style and of linguistic accuracy to ensure that they serve their purpose.

Norwegian Marketing Translation Service

The way your business markets products and services in different countries may depend on the produc or service offered as well as each country’s culture. It’s rarely enough to simply provide accurate translations of your marketing content in another country. You need to present a concept and a wider message that is adapted to the specific country’s culture. TranslateMedia can help you achieve this when translating marketing content from or into Norwegian. We can offer you translations of apps, websites, brochures or social media, while making sure you’re delivering the appropriate messages through your various channels, both on- and offline.

Norwegian Financial Translation Service

If your company is in the financial sector, TranslateMedia can offer you translations of things like bankruptcies, annual reports, foreign registration filings, fund reports and fact sheets. As procedures in finance and accounting are carried out differently in each and every part of the world, TranslateMedia’s Norwegian financial linguists are thoroughly trained in adjusting their financial translations to local standards, without making them any less precise.

Norwegian Legal Translation Service

TranslateMedia has already provided several global law firms with legal translations, and has gained trust within the industry. As an experienced legal translation agency we know that it’s particularly important to provide professional and accurate legal translations of exceptional quality and at the same time ensure all information stays safe and confidential with us. Among the services Norwegian legal translators can help you translate are tax, real estate, European competition and regulation, antitrust & EU, employment and benefits, and insurance.

Norwegian Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Service

Our Norwegian medical and pharmaceutical translators are specialised within several different medical fields. So whether your company is in the industry of medicine, chemistry, pharmacology, biochemistry, biotechnology or toxicology; we’ll be able to put together a dedicated team of translators and provide you with accurate translations specifically translated for the sector of interest. Our medical and pharmaceutical linguists can provide you with translations of everything from medical articles and journals to research papers, data sheets, patient registers and case report forms.

About Norwegian

Norwegian belongs to the North Germanic language branch and has with Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and Faroese developed from Old Norse. Norwegian is the official language of Norway, but is also spoken in the American states North Dakota and Minnesota. Norwegian uses the Latin alphabet with additional three letters; æ, ø and å.

Norwegian has two official written language forms; Bokmål and Nynorsk, where Bokmål is the most commonly used form. The Bokmål version of the language is the version closest to Danish which was brought to the country during Denmark’s occupation of Norway from the 16th to the 19th century. Nynorsk on the other hand, was created as an alternative to Bokmål and is based on the many dialects of the country. When Norway became independent from Denmark and needed their own written language, Nynorsk attempted to be a “more Norwegian” written language. Norwegians are now taught both languages in school, where some areas in the country uses Nynorsk as their standard written language instead of Bokmål.

It‘s been difficult to estimate the number of Norwegian dialects as there’s such a wide range of differences. The Norwegian dialects differ in grammar, vocabulary, syntax, and pronunciation and can in some cases be so distinct and become unintelligible for those unfamiliar to the dialect.
Sami is another official spoken language of Norway, but is mainly spoken by the Sami people (Laplanders), which is the native population in Norway. The Sami population are now mainly populated in Norway, the USA, Sweden and Finland.

Norway is a unitary monarchy and compromises the western part of Scandinavia. Thanks to oil production Norway now have the fourth highest GDP per-capita in the world. The capital Oslo is Norway’s largest city with a population of 925,000.

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