Russian Translation

TranslateMedia has specialist teams of native Russian linguists in a variety of sectors, including but not limited to marketing, legal, financial and document translation. Each linguist is an expert with a wealth of expertise in their respective industries, and we assign them work according to their particular skill sets.

We are able to handle large volumes of translation material and offer fast turn-around times, translating more than one million words every month for internet publication alone.

Amongst numerous other awards, we have been independently awarded the ISO9001 certification in acknowledgement of the high-standard and dependable service that our clients receive.

Russian Website Translation

TranslateMedia is at the forefront of website translation in Russian as in other major world languages. Some of the world’s largest brands and creative agencies have called on us to deliver high quality translations of their all-important websites.

As one of the most commonly spoken languages of the 21st century, Russian web content is being published at an extremely rapid pace. Simultaneously, increasingly complex systems for producing dynamic, localised Russian content that adjusts according to the requirements of the user are being developed.

We look at the needs of each of our clients individually and create a website translation in accordance with your requirements, using strategies and incorporating technology which will optimise website traffic from your target audience.

Russian PPC

One way of increasing visits to your company’s webpage is using paid search, often referred to as PPC (pay per click), CPI (cost per impression) or CPM (cost per mille).

PPC guarantees that your site will appear at the top of search engine results very quickly and at a relatively low price, and can be an effective method of testing the Russian market before launching SEO or extending your physical operations into Russian speaking countries.

At TranslateMedia we have carried out extensive research into the most frequently searched keywords by various specific audiences within the Russian-speaking community, meaning we can help you ensure you only pay for the most relevant and profitable words and customer segments. In the long run, the Russian PPC service offered by TranslateMedia can help you improve your ROI as a result of PPC activity.

Russian SEO

International SEO is becoming an increasingly important tool to escalate website traffic through search engine results. TranslateMedia has the experience and expertise in international SEO to help you increase Russian language search traffic in any Russian-speaking region in which your business is active.

Every business wants to rise to the top of global search engine rankings, and international SEO is simply a tool to help you do that. We can help you carry out a Russian SEO operation across the entirety of your website using multiple search terms, or just across a handful of key pages. Either way, TranslateMedia guarantees you a service of the highest standard, attained only by using trained SEO professionals and highly qualified linguists.

We only use translators who are native speakers of Russian and professionally trained linguists, and we take a holistic approach to the Russian SEO service we offer, making certain that your website will enjoy a higher volume of traffic from your target Russian audience.

Russian Transcreation

Some aspects of culture in the Russian speaking world can vary quite significantly to other parts of the world. For example, colours and symbols can have implications quite different to those with which we associate them in the UK, and so it is vital that you adapt your text accordingly.

In the translation industry we use the term ‘transcreation’ to refer to this adaptation of a text to suit the cultural understanding of a specific target audience.

It can be a vast and challenging task for a company to expand into the Russian market. When a brand breaks into Russian territory it’s important that their marketing and advertising messages are adapted to their Russian speaking audience, whilst not compromising the original purpose, style, tone and context of the piece.

To put it simply, having an awareness of local cultural nuances and adapting your text accordingly is decisive to success in the Russian business market.

TranslateMedia offers expert translators familiar with the cultural understanding of your target Russian audience and the skills required to transcreate your text in order to fully meet their needs.

Russian Translation Management

Here at TranslateMedia we’ve developed STREAM, our own secure translation management portal. As the name suggests, STREAM allows you to streamline your translation management workflow, therefore lowering costs, increasing efficiency and accuracy and giving you access to monitor the progress of your translation projects all in one place.

Our system provides the highest level of efficiency, allowing us to offer not only an incredibly high standard of Russian translation but also very fast turnaround times.

We provide initial consultancy for all of our clients using STREAM, so that the entire process in personalised to your business and your individual preferences.
As part of this we offer you:

  • A professional linguist Project Manager as your main point of contact
  • A hand-picked team of professional Russian translators, briefed specifically for your work
  • Escalation and technical contacts
  • A tailored online portal (STREAM) for ordering, tracking and reporting
  • Detailed and flexible monthly reporting
  • Translation memories

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