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Mexico currently has approximately 40.6 million internet users (a 15 per cent increase from 2011). Internet users are spending an average of over 4 hours online in 2012, and increase of nearly an hour from 2011.

  • Social networking use is growing, with 71 per cent of internet users expected to use social networks in 2012
  • Mexico is the fifth largest market in the world for Facebook, and the seventh largest for Twitter

eMarketer predicts that social network use in Mexico will increase by almost 28 per cent in 2012, and that 65 per cent of Mexican internet users will use social networks. By 2014, this figure is expected to reach 71 per cent of Mexican internet users. Mexico is currently the fifth largest market in the world for Facebook, with SocialBakers reporting over 36 million users and over 32 per cent penetration. Eighty per cent of users are 34 years old and under. Forty-eight per cent of Facebook users say that they use the site on a daily basis, and the network was predicted to reach 25.6 million users in Mexico by the end of 2012, so it’s gaining users at a much greater rate than some analysts expected.

Semiocast analysis revealed that of the 383 million Twitter profiles created before January 1st 2012, 11 million accounts were created in Mexico – making it the seventh biggest market for Twitter. Twenty-six per cent of the nation’s Twitter accounts are active (just below the 27 per cent global average).

Mexico is the eighth largest market for Google+ in the world, with 1.6 million profiles originating in the country (as of 27/07/12). It’s just behind Germany (which has 1.7 million users) and it is tied with Spain and Italy. Around 72 per cent of Mexican Google+ accounts were created by men, and almost 68 per cent of users are aged 18 to 24.

Around 3.6 per cent of global YouTube traffic is from Mexico, with four per cent of users visiting the site more than once a day. According to a December 2012 comScore report, 86 per cent of online video viewers in Mexico viewed their videos on YouTube, while 39 per cent used Facebook.

In January 2012, it was reported that Mexico was home to 2.1 million of the 147 million LinkedIn users – which is a growth rate of nearly 76 per cent since January 2011. Meanwhile, Mexico is reported to be the second largest market in Latin America for Pinterest, with just over 16 per cent of Latin American Pinterest users.

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