Translation Technology

Our business is based on the intelligent use of Translation Technology

Providing our teams with intuitive and useful tools allows them to concentrate on what matters; quality of product and service.

Technology is not yet good enough to replace humans in the translation process. But it can help at various different stages of the translation process.

Internally we have developed our own STREAM Translation Workflow Technology which allows us to manage large volumes of translation work with utmost efficiency, building in quality assurance at all stages of the process. This means that your work is handled in the most effective way for quality, and costs.

We give clients free access to a suite of tools within STREAM that allow them to manage translation online, getting quotes, placing orders, tracking work and generating management information reports. For clients with long-term regular requirements we can provide APIs for integration of systems with STREAM to optimise the ordering, production and delivery of updated multilingual content.

For the actual task of translation there are a variety of tools that can help including Translation Memory or Machine Translation, and we offer proprietary tools for secure online review of translations, directly connected to Translation Memory databases. Our ability to offer flexible solutions means that we can help our clients to do things in the most efficient way in terms of cost, turnaround, and quality, by adapting to their specific requirements.

The below diagram shows how our technologies interact with each other within STREAM. Click on the relevant area to learn more about each element of our technology.

The diagram isn’t bad for understanding how our technology works, but seeing it in action really brings it alive.

We offer live demonstrations for you and your teams, at your convenience, either on-site at your offices, or via webinars scheduled around you. Click here to sign up now, or contact us directly if you have any questions.

  • Instant quotations
  • Real-time tracking
  • MI reporting
  • Archives
  • Integrated Translation Memory Assets

Our Translation Workflow System STREAM

  • Account Setup and Translation Team Building Tools
  • Translation Team Briefing Tools and Knowledge Centre
  • Detailed Quality Assurance Monitoring Tools
  • In-country professionals
  • At least 3 years business experience
  • Specialist fields of expertise
  • Handpicked per client account


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