Industry Sectors

We work with a wide range of industries, including the retail, media and publishing, legal, financial, and medical sectors. We’re aware that every industry requires a specific approach to translation management and delivery, which is why we tailor our services to each industry sector and to your own specific requirements.

Industry sectors that we regularly work with:

Defence and Security translation

Defense and Security

If you work in the security industry or for a defense company, then the need for sensitivity from your translation team and the security of your assets are imperative. We provide translations as well as risk analysis and cultural advice consultancy services to government security agencies and defense contractors.

Energy Industry Translation

Energy, Oil & Gas Industries

We work with a wide range of companies serving upstream and downstream oil and gas industry sectors,. We provide our translation management expertise and international network of professional linguists to provide our clients with the highest quality translations.


We have teams of specialists with expert language skills in fast growing sectors such as the fashion, luxury, menswear, children’s, knitwear, lingerie, outdoor, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics, gifts and gadgets industries. We offer integration with our systems and a number of popular content management systems including Demandware, Venda, Magento and Drupal to reduce costs and increase your translation management efficiency.

Finance and banking translation

Finance & Banking

We’ve established ourselves as leaders in financial translation and have worked with many large banks and financial institutions to deliver financial reports and other documents in over 250 languages.

Government translation


We have long-standing relationships with various government bodies in several countries. Having been awarded a huge amount of government and public sector work, we’re highly familiar with the tendering process and welcome invitations to tender.

I.T translation

IT & Technical

We’ve handled a number of large translation projects for technology sector organizations. Technical documentation often presents challenges when translating it into multiple languages, particularly in terms of technical jargon and acronyms. We have a huge network of technical translators at our disposal to ensure that your translations are accurate and use the appropriate technical vocabulary.

Law and legal services translation

Law and Legal Services

We work with many clients in the legal sector, translating everything from legal contracts to websites. Our secure translation management platform, STREAM, allows for sensitive documents to be translated without sharing by email or other methods, providing our legal clients with peace of mind knowing that their documents are safe and secure.

Medical translation


Our medical sector clients rely on us to provide secure translations of technical, regulatory, clinical or marketing documentation.

Market research translation

Market Research

Our market research clients are incredibly important to us, and we work with many of the world’s largest market research companies, translating a wide range of documents, including questionnaires, questionnaire responses, briefing notes and stimulus material.

Marketing translation

Marketing & Advertising            

We work with many of the world’s largest brands and global advertising agencies to deliver successful global campaigns. Our focus on Transcreation, rather than literal translation, has enabled us to consistently deliver high quality content for our clients.

Gaming translation

Online Gaming, Sports Betting, Poker and Casino

We work with a large number of clients in the online gaming and betting industry to deliver localized websites, international advertising campaigns and marketing and sales collateral to a global audience.

Publishing Media Translation

Publishing & Media

We translate content for some of the largest media companies and publishing houses in the world. Whether it’s a news agency requiring news article translations for international markets, or a magazine publisher looking to engage new readers overseas, we can provide tailored solutions for all your publishing translation requirements.

Retail Translation


We work with some of the world’s largest retail groups, as well as many smaller, boutique retailers that need translation and website localization to expand their operations abroad. We provide the technology, expertise and advice they require to succeed in their international expansion projects. We offer integration with our systems and a number of popular content management systems including Demandware, Venda, Magento and Drupal to reduce costs and increase your translation management efficiency.

Travel and Tourism

Tour operators, airlines, travel agencies, hoteliers, cruise lines and travel technology providers rely on us to provide the highest quality translations in order to attract a global audience, and deliver reservations and a return on investment on their international marketing efforts.