02 Aug 2016

Language Purists Look Away Now: How the Internet Transmits Language Change

It’s inevitable that any language changes over time. New words are created, old ones fall into disuse, and the meanings of words shift Social media has enabled speakers of all languages to interact with a lot of people across a […]

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22 Jul 2016

Turbulent Times in the International Art Market

Asia’s high saving rate is thought to be one of the reasons behind spiralling prices in the international art market. Key pieces by significant artists have been achieving astonishing figures when they reach auction- just this month, several records were […]

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18 Jul 2016

Removing Language Barriers with Your Customers

Speaking to people in their own language may seem a pretty obvious thing to do but many companies are still erecting communications barriers between them and their customers. There are a number of ways organisations can facilitate discourse with foreign […]

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15 Jul 2016

TranslateMedia Releases Localization Extension for Magento

Setting up, managing and maintaining a global eCommerce store in Magento just got a lot easier! TranslateMedia has developed an extension for Magento that allows you to send content for translation from the Magento admin panel directly to our translation […]

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29 Jun 2016

What Millennials and Centennials Can Teach Fashion Brands

The generation known as Millennials are now highly influential, representing a high purchasing power worldwide. With their lifelong exposure to digital technologies, the way this generation shops and interacts with brands is unique compared to previous, and also ensuing generations. […]

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27 Jun 2016

Getting ‘Micro-Moments’ Right

Micro-moments happen billions of times every day and they could be the key to the success of your brand’s optimization strategy. But what are they? And how can getting them right boost your business? We’ll explore what micro-moments have to […]

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17 Jun 2016

How Trump’s Use of Language Is Key to His Success

To the horror of many, presidential hopeful Donald Trump looks set to become a contender in the US presidential elections. Although his candidacy will only be confirmed after the Republican National Convention in July, already it looks as if he […]

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09 Jun 2016

Content Marketing for the Legal Services Industry

Global law firms are increasingly using content marketing – particularly blogging – to demonstrate their expertise and raise their organizational profiles. The legal industry doesn’t have a reputation for being an early adopter of new ways of doing things, so […]

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06 Jun 2016

The Uberization of Legal Services – Can It Work?

A new online business model has emerged which sees people sharing their properties, possessions or services in exchange for a fee, mediated by services such as Airbnb, Uber or TaskRabbit. It’s been called the ‘sharing economy’ and is characterized by […]

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31 May 2016

A Look at India’s Amazing Linguistic Diversity

India is a big country and it packs in an astonishing array of languages. Over 1600 languages are thought to be spoken in the subcontinent and it’s unlikely that any other country in the world matches India for linguistic diversity. But what’s the […]

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