TranslateMedia Now Supports the Localisation of Page Designer Content

TranslateMedia Now Supports the Localisation of Page Designer Content

Page designer is a newly-updated feature within Salesforce Commerce Cloud that allows eCommerce teams to build beautiful, image-rich, and engaging pages with the ability to schedule content for publication.

Updated this month, Page Designer streamlines the onsite content development process. Ecommerce teams can use one-time templates, which can be edited multiple times to include tabs, accordions, or carousels, using a simple drag-and-drop functionality within the page editor.

This gives users the capability to proactively define their page design, create engaging pages and publish content with no markup, coding or the need of a developer.

Page Designer boasts the ability to scheduled changes to web pages in line with the user’s marketing strategy or merchandising teams, making the delivery of engaging content fast, well organized, and resource-efficient.

With the release of Salesforce 21.7, TranslateMedia now supports the localization of Page Designer content, allowing eCommerce brands to engage with international audiences with unique content and campaigns dedicated to each market much faster.

With a few simple steps, users can export multiple Page Designer pages and import localized content within Salesforce Commerce Cloud. As a result, users can localize multiple pages, in different locales, without the need for cumbersome spreadsheets or web crawls – creating a better way for eCommerce teams to build beautiful online experiences fast.

If you’d like to know more about how TranslateMedia can improve your experience with Page Designer, please contact us.
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Written by Demetrius Williams
Demetrius Williams
Demetrius Williams is a Digital Marketing Specialist at TranslateMedia and has previous eCommerce experience working with a number of luxury brands in the fashion and beauty industry. He enjoys photography, binge-watching Netflix and can often be found roaming around London with a camera in his hand.

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