How TranslateMedia partnered with Facebook to help a wall decor brand increase its revenue by 18% using Facebook’s cross-border business solutions and TranslateMedia’s localization and transcreation services.

Transforming steel into art

Hoagard is a Turkish wall decor brand specialising in up-cycling metal sheets to create high-quality art.

As part of an ambitious expansion strategy of using Facebook's tailored ad solutions to target customers in Germany, France and Italy, Hoagard partnered with TranslateMedia and Facebook to make the plan a reality by localising its eCommerce store and transcreating its Facebook ads to reach and engage with customers in these markets.

Website localization

TranslateMedia worked with Hoagard to localise its website content into French, German and Italian.

By using a tailored transcreation service, maintaining the brand’s unique tone of voice and adapting content to reflect local cultural nuances, Hoagard was able to produce a localised experience which engaged its target audience from landing page to checkout.

Transcreation & tailored ad solutions on Facebook

TranslateMedia worked closely with Hoagard to adapt advertising messaging to suit local target audiences and boost conversion rates.

Along with finding the most relevant audiences using Facebook's cross-border regional targeting tools, Hoagard was able to strategically connect with consumers in these target markets with messaging that better resonated with their behavior and personal preferences.

The results

The campaign was a resounding success and delivered results which far exceeded expectations, including:

  • 100% increase in conversion rate
  • 5 x increase in sales in target markets
  • 29% increase in return on investment
  • 18% increase in revenue in one month

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