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How TranslateMedia helped the Press Association deliver Olympic content to be read around the world

As the preferred partner to the Press Association, TranslateMedia worked closely with the news group in the lead up to and during the 2012 London Olympics to provide quick, high quality translations for their editorial content packages. These content packages offered coverage of the event, including profiles on the athletes, events, and venues, to the Press Association’s clients in 40 markets around the globe.

The scope

  • Profiles of events, athletes, venues & more
  • Content translated for 40 markets
  • 70,000 words per language over 6 weeks
  • Localization of custom NewsML files
  • Team of 70+ native translators and editors


  • The large volume of work and vast array of languages required recruiting a large pool of native translators and editors
  • High levels of repetition in the source articles
  • NewsML files for new releases required localization for target markets


The Press Association authored the content in their systems, creating a custom NewsML format that TranslateMedia drew into the STREAM platform—where native translators, revisers and editors could localize, review and approve the content as ready for publishing. The translations were then exported to the NewsML format, ready for the Press Association to feed out to their clients as a comprehensive international package of editorial content to cover over 40 international markets.


TranslateMedia helped the Press Association to localize event-driven content for over 40 markets within 6 weeks, enabling them and their clients to maximize their traffic by capitalizing on the global interest in the Olympics during the weeks and days leading up to this truly global event.

The feedback

“The Press Association was the official news agency of the London Games in 2012. To support our coverage TranslateMedia provided localized content packages to serve multiple target markets across the world. During the lead up to the summer Olympics in London, TranslateMedia’s technology was adapted to grab content from the Press Association’s content team, localize it within hours, and return it back to us, all in our proprietary XML format. TranslateMedia’s ability to develop creative solutions and offer fast technical support combined with a high level of language quality and service is why they are the chosen preferred language partner to the Press Association.” – Ben Golding, Head of Business Development (Digital), Press Association


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