03 Jul 2014

Is Robo-Journalism the Future of News Publishing?

Earlier this year the Los Angeles Times published a story about an earthquake. Nothing too unusual in that, you might think – California experiences thousands of them a year. But this story was a little different: it was written by […]

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27 Jun 2014

8 Reasons Why Website Localization Projects Fail

The internet is a vital tool for organizations looking to expand into new markets, reach global audiences and increase worldwide sales, but too many businesses try to cut corners in their rush to localize their websites. It’s not enough to […]

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09 May 2014

Should Kids be Taught How to Code or Learn a Language?

Prime Minister David Cameron is encouraging more British children to study Chinese. He recently set of goal of doubling the UK’s Mandarin students to 400,000 by 2016 to help seal the business deals of tomorrow. But some tech experts say Mandarin […]

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