14 Sep 2016

CNN’s Adventures in Africa

Cable and news broadcaster CNN is constantly on the lookout for ways to engage new audiences. The broadcaster’s been experimenting on Snapchat as it seeks out the notoriously hard-to-reach Centennial generation. Now CNN is venturing into the African continent as […]

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08 Feb 2016

Building Exceptional Fashion Technology Platforms

Technology in fashion has now gone beyond mere novelty and is now a significant differentiator and major driver of brand-consumer interactions. For brands in this highly competitive industry, ‘FashTech’ is offering opportunities to differentiate themselves in ways that consumers value. […]

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02 Dec 2015

Storytelling Your Brand to an International Audience

Stories bring brands to life and help reach audiences in a profound and enduring way. Stories provide emotional contexts for our experiences, and having a strong brand story can cut though the noise and reach audiences in order to better […]

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28 Oct 2015

Insights into Theories of Language Acquisition

Language acquisition describes our ability to achieve the capability of both comprehending and using language. The ability to acquire language may be an innate human skill – and one that’s fundamental to our entire civilization. It’s also one that’s not perfectly […]

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24 Sep 2015

The Death of the Accent & Its Impact on Search

The internet has offered an unparalleled opportunity for people in different countries to communicate with one another leading to an explosion in the exchange of ideas. The technologies and platforms that support this communication have themselves spawned a huge range […]

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03 Sep 2015

Digital Natives and the Future of Online Retail

They’re called ‘digital natives’ – young consumers who have grown up with the internet and who have always known the presence of digital technologies in their lives. Unlike their older counterparts the ‘digital immigrants’, digital natives are accustomed to online […]

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20 Jul 2015

Insights into Global Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising brings some big advantages to the international marketer. Buying your ads programmatically (using software and technology rather than manual input) is much more efficient than the human-input methods, which often involved negotiating with ad space suppliers and their intermediaries. […]

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08 May 2015

How Big Brands Use Ethnography for In-depth Customer Insight

This article looks at how Xerox and Intel are using ethnography to develop viable products and improve the lives of their users. Ethnography is a type of study that tries to describe the social life of humans. Using qualitative research, […]

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13 Mar 2015

The Worst Food Mash-ups in History

Globalization is responsible for some of the most terrifying food mash-ups in history, from cheese-flavor Kit Kats to seaweed donuts. But behind many of these monster creations lies the story of a brand seeking to find relevance in a local […]

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23 Feb 2015

Color and Culture: Similarities and Differences

It probably isn’t news to you that different cultures make their own associations with different colors. Take purple, for instance. In Japan this color signifies wealth and power. In Ukraine and Egypt, it signifies faith, patience and trust, whereas in […]

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