16 Jan 2015

The Age of the T-Shaped Translator Is Upon Us

Though the concept of T-shaped individuals arose in the 1990s, it has become more prominent lately, particularly within the marketing industry. As you may already know, it refers not to how people actually look, but to their skill sets – […]

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20 Nov 2014

10 Ways SMEs Can Compete With Big Business Globally

Small businesses don’t have the luxury of huge advertising budgets, large teams of marketers, developers, product managers and sales staff and all the other benefits of scale enjoyed by large multi-national corporations. However, bigger isn’t always better and as the […]

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27 Oct 2014

9 Ways Transcreation Can Improve Your SEO

Companies that are serious about expanding into international markets will eventually come to realize that the transcreation of their websites and marketing communications is critical to success in many regions around the world. English is no longer the dominant language […]

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22 Oct 2014

Website Localization Key to Improving Customer Experience

The benefits of localizing your online offering are undeniable. In a 2014 Common Sense Advisory poll surveying 10 countries, consumers showed a strong bias towards localized online services and reported avoiding English-language websites when English was not their native tongue. […]

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22 Jul 2014

Localizing Smells: How Different Cultures Perceive Scents

Smell is not just a biological or psychological experience, it is also a social and cultural phenomenon. For the Ongee people, who reside on the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal between India and Burma, the universe and everything […]

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27 Jun 2014

8 Reasons Why Website Localization Projects Fail

The internet is a vital tool for organizations looking to expand into new markets, reach global audiences and increase worldwide sales, but too many businesses try to cut corners in their rush to localize their websites. It’s not enough to […]

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