30 Aug 2016

Technology for the Legal Services Sector

The legal industry is now at the forefront of adoption of technologies that will not only help them grow but also better manage their reputations in an increasingly connected world. Technologies that are helping legal firms perform better on a […]

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23 Aug 2016

Effective Multilingual E-discovery

Nowhere is the language obstacle more pervasive than in the legal profession—and more specifically in the area of discovery—where documents created in any language could be relevant to a lawsuit, investigation or regulatory matter. Fortunately, law firms that are faced […]

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12 Jul 2016

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights Globally

How do you enforce and protect intellectual property rights in a foreign territory? In a series of cases that have alarmed the world, one of the most famous brands in existence has not always managed to defend its own intellectual […]

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09 Jun 2016

Content Marketing for the Legal Services Industry

Global law firms are increasingly using content marketing – particularly blogging – to demonstrate their expertise and raise their organizational profiles. The legal industry doesn’t have a reputation for being an early adopter of new ways of doing things, so […]

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06 Jun 2016

The Uberization of Legal Services – Can It Work?

A new online business model has emerged which sees people sharing their properties, possessions or services in exchange for a fee, mediated by services such as Airbnb, Uber or TaskRabbit. It’s been called the ‘sharing economy’ and is characterized by […]

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19 Apr 2016

Can You Copyright a Language?

A strange legal case has recently raised a curious issue – is it possible to copyright a language? Hollywood film studio Paramount Pictures is attempting to assert its ownership of the Klingon language to prevent it being used in a […]

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26 Jan 2016

Legal Considerations of Chinese Joint Ventures

Doing business in China is notoriously difficult and hazardous and as a result, many western multi-nationals opt for a joint venture with a local Chinese company. A joint venture (JV) is a specific business arrangement where the parties combine, usually […]

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16 Nov 2015

How Does Cyber Law Affect Consumer Behavior?

Ecommerce is growing in emerging markets where rises in disposable income and online participation are creating a healthy environment for online shopping. But not all of these markets offer a regulatory environment that is conducive to the expansion of ecommerce. […]

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02 Feb 2015

New Internet Laws Causing Conflicts for International Operators

Brazil has implemented new legislation that could be impossible for some US firms operating in Brazil to implement without violating their domestic laws. With the best intentions, the Brazilian government has created an un-navigable legal situation for international operators by […]

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30 May 2014

Tackling Untranslatable Content

It has been estimated that there are currently around 7,000 languages spoken in the world today. Around 90% of these are used by fewer than 100,000 people. And with the ever changing nature of language and the inexorable march of […]

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