07 Jul 2015

The Best Language Infographics & Interactive Tools on the Web

We’ve come across so many informative infographics and handy interactive tools on the web recently that we felt it was time to share and celebrate them. Here’s a beautiful visual representation of the relative proportions of native speakers of the […]

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12 Sep 2014

Is the Internet Accelerating Language Development?

Our lives are now dominated by the internet. Communicating via emails and social media has become part of the norm in modern-day society in pretty much all four corners of the globe. By and large, it’s our first port of […]

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21 Aug 2014

Business Benefits of Speaking More Than One Language

English is undoubtedly the language of global business. It is the lingua franca that allows international brands to communicate with people around the world, no matter whereabouts on the planet they come from. There are estimated to be up to […]

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06 Aug 2014

Grammatical Habits of Non-native Speakers Offer Linguistic Clues

Machine translation tools are extremely useful in the world of business. They helps professionals from different countries communicate with each other, allowing them to discuss terms and thrash out deals relatively quickly. The rising popularity of machine translation, particularly among companies […]

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19 Jun 2014

How Language Affects Our Perception

They say you are what you eat. But you can also be a product of your native language. The confines and liberations of each language are inextricably linked to the environment in which it has evolved. For example, the Sami […]

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14 Apr 2014

Babies are Born With a Fundamental Knowledge of Language

Esperanto is currently spoken by up to two million people worldwide. But Ludwik Zamenhof’s 19th-century utopian vision of a common world language never caught on as he had hoped. Zamenhof would be gratified beyond the grave to hear that researchers […]

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07 Mar 2014

The Brain Processes Music Like Language

What’s cookin’, daddy-o? Jamming jazz musicians process music much like they do spoken language, a new study shows. Researchers in the US found that when hip cats get their groove on for a spot of improvized boogie woogie they use the […]

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03 Mar 2014

Translators Decipher Mysterious Viking Inscriptions

Translators have deciphered a mysterious Viking code written in enigmatic runes that date back to the medieval period. K Jonas Nordby, from the University of Oslo, is the first person to crack the jötunvillur code, one of a number of Norse […]

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20 Feb 2014

Games Could be Used to Teach Foreign Languages

Use Games to Boost Language Learning The concept of making learning fun is not a new one. For years, teachers have passed out gold stars or smiley stickers to pupils for doing well in the class quiz or on a […]

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14 Feb 2014

Scientists Reveal How the Brain Processes Speech

Speech isn’t just hot air…or is it There was a time when philosophers believed everything was made from combinations of fire, earth, water and air. Later, some clever Greek proposed the idea of the atom, and afterwards the theory was […]

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