02 May 2014

Could a Poor Translation Kill You?

No inquest has returned a verdict of death by bad translation. For a start, it’s not in a coroner’s remit. But so many high-risk industries rely on good interpretations from one language to another that accurate translation is vital and […]

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20 Dec 2013

Translation Services a ‘Vital Part’ of Healthcare Strategies

Imagine going to the doctor only to find they cannot explain your condition. Imagine being given healthcare literature only to find you cannot understand it. Imagine visiting a family member in hospital only to find you cannot understand what the […]

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02 Dec 2011

Pharmaceutical Translation Service

Quality Above and Beyond TranslateMedia is a certified translation agency with ISO 17100 and is due for ISO 9001:2001 audit. These are international recognised qualities of excellence. ISO 17100: Specifically set up to solve issues of quality within the translation […]

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