05 Oct 2016

Extreme Segmentation: How Big Data is Transforming Retail

Retailers are making use of complex algorithms that help them identify patterns in consumer spending and associated behavior in order to increase sales. It’s thought consumer retail spending could reach nearly $27 trillion next year, thanks to rising population and […]

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22 Jul 2014

Localizing Smells: How Different Cultures Perceive Scents

Smell is not just a biological or psychological experience, it is also a social and cultural phenomenon. For the Ongee people, who reside on the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal between India and Burma, the universe and everything […]

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06 Jun 2013

6 Tips For Global eCommerce Success

As successful businesses grow, they often experience a reduction in local demand as their traditional markets become saturated. So, it is logical that these companies should set their sights further afield and evaluate and select opportunities for growth in new […]

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