05 Oct 2016

Extreme Segmentation: How Big Data is Transforming Retail

Retailers are making use of complex algorithms that help them identify patterns in consumer spending and associated behavior in order to increase sales. It’s thought consumer retail spending could reach nearly $27 trillion next year, thanks to rising population and […]

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01 Sep 2016

Digital Marketing Trends in the Legal Sector

The way that businesses and individuals seek out information on the most suitable providers of legal services for their needs has changed dramatically in the last few years. A 2012 study by The Research Intelligence Group found 76% of 4,000 […]

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20 Jun 2016

Snapchat Opportunities for Global Businesses

Snapchat’s taken the world by storm and the popularity of this social media app remains high with those under 30. But until fairly recently, it’s been a channel that businesses have tended to avoid. However, some major international brands are […]

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05 Nov 2015

Trends in Global Social Media

Social media has evolved a great deal over the years and marketers now have to look beyond likes and shares to deliver real business value and ROI from social media activity. Social media networks are beginning to recognize this and […]

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20 May 2015

Real-Time Marketing and Its Application in B2B Commerce

Real-time marketing is a timely, agile style of promotion focused around current events and immediate feedback from customers. Rather than sticking to pre-planned campaign activities that fit within a long-term marketing plan, real-time marketing means creating and promoting content relevant […]

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24 Apr 2015

The Impact of Language in a World Gone Social

Ask many people what “hobby” they’d like – or need – to start, and “learn a new language” is at or near the top of the list. Take that question to another level and ask those in the C-suite, business […]

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08 Dec 2014

Best Practice Approaches to Video Localization

There’s strong argument for incorporating video content into your marketing strategy. It’s thought that video could be up to four times as engaging as static content, and could drive conversion much more quickly. With video a relatively expensive content medium […]

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20 Oct 2014

Reaching Millennials: How Brands Need to Adapt To Changes In Modern Culture

Barack Obama recently stated that he is betting on millennials to reshape the American economy. Media research giant Nielsen defines Millennials as adults in the 18- to 36-year-old age group. One of the most important signifiers of this generation is […]

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15 Oct 2014

Mobile First Design a Must in Emerging Markets

Businesses that hope to succeed in emerging markets should focus on delivering high-quality mobile customer experiences. Some businesses in developed markets aren’t only thinking about desktop-first when it comes to online strategy – many are still desktop-only. Research from early […]

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10 Oct 2014

Harnessing Word of Mouth to Build a Global Brand

Word-of-mouth advertising shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s important for every business – large or small – as a happy customer can easily steer dozens of new ones your way without you even having to lift a finger. This unpaid form of […]

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