30 Aug 2016

Technology for the Legal Services Sector

The legal industry is now at the forefront of adoption of technologies that will not only help them grow but also better manage their reputations in an increasingly connected world. Technologies that are helping legal firms perform better on a […]

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02 Aug 2016

WordPress Integration

Benefit from the high-quality translations provided by TranslateMedia’s team of expert linguists combined with ease of use of the WordPress content management system. TranslateMedia has teamed up with WPML to allow WordPress users to easily translate, localize and manage their multi-language websites. Gone […]

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11 Mar 2016

How Emojis Are Used Around the World

Our use of emojis may be one of the biggest recent innovations in how our species communicates. These tiny unicode-based pictograms sent via smartphone messaging aren’t just popular with youngsters; they’re increasingly used by a wide cross section of society. […]

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08 Mar 2016

The Challenges Wearable Tech Poses to the Fashion Industry

As wearable tech becomes more widely adopted, the lines between fashion and technology will undoubtedly become blurred. But the wearable tech industry is facing huge social, cultural and linguistic challenges to mainstream adoption in various regions around the world. ‘Wearable […]

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17 Feb 2016

The Impact of 4G in India

Telecoms infrastructure remains a challenge for India, and the government is embracing the possibilities of 4G mobile technology as a potential solution to the inadequacies of current internet service provision. 4G offers faster data transfer and improved mobile web access […]

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13 Jan 2016

The Battle for India’s eCommerce Market

It’s perhaps no wonder that major vendors are battling to dominate Indian eCommerce: this market could be worth $60 billion by 2020. Three major players, and a host of minor ones, are jockeying for position in Indian e-tail as the […]

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28 Sep 2015

The Big Data Challenge in Emerging Markets

Many commentators confidently predict that Big Data will soon become the basis of all organizational decision-making. But some parts of the world still lag behind. Whilst analysts predict that emerging markets will be producing the majority of the world’s data by […]

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09 Feb 2015

Drone Technology: a Tricky Take-off or the Future of Ecommerce?

It seems right to be talking about drone technology in the year 2015: the year Back to the Future II is set. Although 2015 doesn’t look ready to deliver the hover-boards and flying cars the film promised this year would […]

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01 Dec 2014

CMS Considerations for Multiple Languages

Localising your website can represent an enormous task both in terms of time, energy and expenditure. Not only do you have to consider the translation of content you have to consider how that translated content will be inserted and managed, […]

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15 Oct 2014

Mobile First Design a Must in Emerging Markets

Businesses that hope to succeed in emerging markets should focus on delivering high-quality mobile customer experiences. Some businesses in developed markets aren’t only thinking about desktop-first when it comes to online strategy – many are still desktop-only. Research from early […]

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