24 Mar 2017

How To Successfully Market Your Mobile Game

Mobile games are now phenomenally popular and gaming apps are the number one category in Apple’s App Store by revenue, engagement and availability. Games such a Pokémon Go and Clash Royale continue to dominate in the UK and US and […]

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27 Jan 2017

Is Virtual Reality Destined to Disturb the Gaming Industry?

Virtually Reality (VR) has been the talk of the gaming community since Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg acquired Oculus in 2014. But despite the major players in VR hardware launching devices throughout 2016, the new gaming devices have yet to take off […]

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16 Jan 2017

The Current State of Mobile Gaming and Advertising

Revenue in the global gaming market reached over $99 billion dollars in 2016, with mobile generating 37% of total revenue. Mobile gaming is set to generate over $52 billion globally by 2019. Innovations in smartphone technology and the popularity of […]

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04 Jan 2017

How to Scale Your Mobile Game Business in China

China is now the largest mobile game market in the world and around 10,000 new mobile games were released to 400 million mobile gamers in a market worth $7 billion in 2015. 2016 is likely to have been even bigger. […]

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08 Dec 2014

Best Practice Approaches to Video Localization

There’s strong argument for incorporating video content into your marketing strategy. It’s thought that video could be up to four times as engaging as static content, and could drive conversion much more quickly. With video a relatively expensive content medium […]

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