10 Nov 2016

The State of eCommerce Localization 2016

The State of Ecommerce Localization 2016 Report Practicology & TranslateMedia release research identifying localization opportunities for global online retailers. “The retail industry is still in the early stages of defining strategies for international localization.” Cross-border eCommerce has always been a […]

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01 Sep 2016

Digital Marketing Trends in the Legal Sector

The way that businesses and individuals seek out information on the most suitable providers of legal services for their needs has changed dramatically in the last few years. A 2012 study by The Research Intelligence Group found 76% of 4,000 […]

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10 Aug 2016

Easy Website Localization with Drupal & TranslateMedia

TranslateMedia has just released a module to integrate Drupal with its state-of-the-art translation workflow management system, STREAM. The module works in conjunction with the Translation Management Tool for Drupal – a popular website localization module which simplifies the translation process […]

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09 Aug 2016

Drupal Integration

Benefit from the high-quality translations provided by TranslateMedia’s team of expert linguists combined with ease of use of the Drupal website content management system. TranslateMedia has developed a module for Drupal which allows users to easily localise and manage their multi-language websites. Gone are […]

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02 Aug 2016

WordPress Integration

Benefit from the high-quality translations provided by TranslateMedia’s team of expert linguists combined with ease of use of the WordPress content management system. TranslateMedia has teamed up with WPML to allow WordPress users to easily translate, localize and manage their multi-language websites. Gone […]

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15 Jul 2016

TranslateMedia Releases Localization Extension for Magento

Setting up, managing and maintaining a global eCommerce store in Magento just got a lot easier! TranslateMedia has developed an extension for Magento that allows you to send content for translation from the Magento admin panel directly to our translation […]

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22 Mar 2016

Using Google Analytics to Identify Global Opportunities

Google Analytics is a powerful freemium tool to analyse and report on your website traffic and a hugely valuable source of data for businesses thinking of expanding their operations into new markets. Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics tool. According to […]

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01 Mar 2016

Selective Localization: Knowing When and What to Localize

Localization differs from translation in that localization takes into account the idiosyncrasies of the culture within each market – adapting the product, service and message to suit local audiences. As more brands understand the importance of localization, “think global; act […]

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07 Jan 2016

Web Accessibility Approaches to Boost Your Bottom Line

In their blog post dispensing web accessibility myths, Nomensa UX design experts estimate that 10% of the world’s population has a disability affecting their internet use. This corresponds to a potential worldwide population of accessibility-compromised web users of somewhere in […]

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15 Dec 2015

Tips for Designing Websites for Asian Markets

If you are building or adapting a website for Asian audiences, there are a few practical considerations you need to take into account. There are technical challenges posed by the need to cater for the character sets featured in Asian […]

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