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Translation Integration for Magento 1 & 2

TranslateMedia offers a fully integrated localization solution for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 – allowing users to easily manage the delivery, monitoring and retrieval of translated content, eliminating manual processes, increasing workflow efficiency, reducing time to market and boosting the ROI of website localization projects.

Quick installation and configuration

Our Magento connector can be installed in minutes and has some default configuration settings, such as allowing you to set the default specialism for your content globally, which save you time and effort in the long term. You can easily switch from the sandbox to the live instances of STREAM in order to perform testing and migrate to the production environment instantly, reducing your reliance on developers and minimizing risk.

Support for all content types

The extension supports all of the content types in your Magento store – from pages and blocks to categories, attributes, products and even custom product attributes. So, you can be sure that new content added to your store can be made available to users in other languages quickly and easily and that you can scale your Magento installation as your business grows and expands into new markets.

Simple content selection & export

Once the extension is installed and configured, options to allow your content to be translated appear directly above the relevant items in your Magento admin dashboard. This makes it easy to search, filter and select content for translation and deliver it to TranslateMedia in just a few clicks.

Full range of specialisms and services

Unlike many other providers, our Magento extension comes equipped with the ability to choose from a range of services – from transcreation to post-edited machine translation – and specialisms such as legal, technical or marketing, ensuring that the right linguist team is allocated to your project and appropriate service level is applied to each content item.

Integrated project tracking

There’s no longer any need to pick up the phone or send an email to check if your project has been launched or to find out when it is likely to be delivered. All of this information is now available directly within the Magento admin dashboard with the ability to search and filter items by name, date, type, SKU, status or language pair to find exactly what you need quickly and easily.

Glossary and terminology management

Getting your tone of voice right and consistent across all of your marketing assets is critical to enhancing brand equity and managing your glossaries and terminology is a key element of this. So, we’ve included the ability for you to manage your glossaries in the TranslateMedia Client Portal to ensure your translated content uses the right terminology to protect your brand’s verbal identity in every language and market.

Translation memory integration

We store every one of your translations in a bespoke translation memory database and every job that’s sent to TranslateMedia from within Magento is scanned for translation memory matches which are automatically applied to the translated content. This means that linguists never have to translate the same thing twice which saves you time and money and improves the consistency of the translated content.

Workflow automation

For large product catalogues, we offer the ability to set up rules in the configuration dashboard of the Magento extension that allow products to be sent for translation when they are first published, last updated or both – increasingly workflow efficiency and allowing you to completely automate the delivery and retrieval of new and existing products.

Automated content retrieval

Once the translated content is ready, it’s automatically imported into the relevant website, store or store view in Magento. However, it’s still possible to approve content before publication in the TranslateMedia Client Portal which has the additional benefit of saving any changes to the translation memories for use later. This helps reduce errors and inconsistencies in the translation and make these available in the memories for use on subsequent translation projects.

Detailed management reporting

We provide a suite of reporting tools for account administrators to view spend by market, brand, account, team or individual – depending on how your account has been set up. This allows you to get instant access to all your financial information in a single, intuitive interface – making financial reporting quick and easy.

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