Interpreting Service

Do you require an expert interpreting service?

If you need to communicate with someone who does not speak the same language as you, it is likely that you will require an  interpreting service.

There can be few things more frustrating than trying to converse or do business with somebody whose native tongue is different to your own. Even if you know some of the same words, things can easily get lost in translation.

If you need an interpreter, come to TranslateMedia. As a leading agency, we specialize in providing effective interpreting services that allow for easy communication.

What interpreting services are available?

  • Video Interpreting
  • Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Telephone Interpreting
  • Chuchotage

We provide a wide range of translation services, so you can be confident we can help you whatever your needs are.

Businesses and individuals operating in a number of industries have used this element of our interpreting service to great success, but you should think carefully about just what it is you will require.

Of course, if you’re a little uncertain about which is the best interpreting option, get in touch. We will be more than happy to help and provide you with the guidance you need!

Consecutive Interpreting

You may be keen to hold an interview with someone who does not speak the same language as you. If so, call on the services of one of our consecutive interpreters. After a few words or sentences have been spoken, one of our team will provide the translation for what has just been said.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Alternatively, a simultaneous interpreter may prove useful. Here, a language expert will provide the translation at the same time as when the original speaker is talking. This can be particularly helpful during a large conference or if a speech is taking place.


We also provide chuchotage – which is French for whispered interpreting. Here the interpreter stands next to the people who requires speech to be translated and whispers this to them.

This is ideal for situations where the majority of people in the room speak the same language, but there are a few who do not.

How an interpreting service can help your business

When it comes to communicating with people who speak a different language to yours, it is imperative that everyone is clear about what is being said.

You could find this is particularly important when negotiating contracts or discussing evidence in legal cases, as even one misunderstood word or phrase could have significant ramifications on a business.

However, you can be confident of the accuracy of our professional interpretation services. We will provide you with expert interpreters who have the right skills and industry knowledge for your needs. On top of this they will be briefed prior to you making use of their translation expertise so they know exactly what is required.

We can also use professional interpretation equipment – such as headphones and microphones – that can be useful in ensuring the relevant parties can understand what is being said.

Effective Interpreting Services

When it comes to accurate interpreting services, make TranslateMedia your first port of call.

Founded in 2004, we have provided accurate interpretation services to clients operating in a wide range of sectors, including financial services companies, law firms and construction organizations.

We strive to offer the best service possible, which is why we have a client charter in place highlighting our dedication to our customers.

This includes a commitment to respond to all client requests and questions as quickly as possible – and no later than two hours after the initial message was sent.

In addition, we are members of the Association of Translation Companies and the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies.

To find out more about our interpreting services or any of our translation offerings, visit the FAQ page of our website or get in touch for a quote.

“A big thank you to all, it’s a pleasure working with TranslateMedia. Out of all my third party suppliers you guys are no doubt the best!”
Susie, Wunderman

Contact us for information, advice or a quotation for interpreting services.


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