Video Interpreting

Video interpretation is the use of specialized video conferencing software to provide remote, face-to-face interpreting solutions.

TranslateMedia provides an innovative and reliable video interpreting service, using dedicated, stable HD-video interpreting technology.

  • 80% of a person’s communication is conveyed through body language, and is therefore lost if you can’t see your interpreter.
  • 60% of the cost of on-site interpreters is based on travel expenses and waiting time.


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 You’ll benefit from:

  • A higher degree of clarity because you can see your interpreter’s body language
  • Elimination of geographical inconveniences – our video interpreting services mean that it is feasible to have a meeting with your Kazakh business partners in Manchester, despite the fact that all the Kazakh interpreters in the UK are localized to London
  • Instant access to an interpreter – have your meeting now
  • Savings on interpreter travel expenses and delays
  • Choice of hundreds of interpreters each with easy to view ratings and feedback

Our technology is:

  • Simple – installation is quick and we have a range of support services to ensure that you waste no time during set up.
  • Stable – you won’t miss a moment of your meeting as our services use the streaming technology that ensures seamless video connection.
  • Secure – you won’t need to worry about security as our secure access points ensure only authorized attendees can access your meeting.
  • Superior – you’ll enjoy superior video quality as we use Scaleable Video coding (H.264 SVC) technology to deliver your meetings in crisp, HD video.

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