Our Tech

Increase speed to market & consistency across channels

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Our Tech

Increase speed to market & consistency across channels

We use technology to:

Drastically improve your time to market & increase ROI

Give you control of the localisation process

Keep your tone of voice consistent across markets

Improve your time to market

Now that's agile

THE COPYWRITING SUITE - Speed up your product description creation by up to 50%.

Your copywriters can now write and deliver copy in one creative environment, with a direct connection to reviewers and translators.

The result? More creative freedom, more efficient amendment rounds and less copy & pasting.

The Copywriting Suite syncs with any PIM or CMS and works with any structured content, making it the ideal tool for the most dynamic of creative projects.

Design, meet copy

THE VISUAL EDITOR - Get it right the first time

Linguists and reviewers can use the visual editor to preview html content such as html emails and website pages in real time, decreasing the likelihood of multiple reviews and improving translation quality by providing context visually.

Machines do it faster


ANMT uses a single, large neural network that can be trained with existing content and a feedback loop to produce more accurate translations over time.

If you already have your own Translation Memories, we can analyse them and advise if Machine Translation is suitable for your project.
Once we securely add your content and your own translation memories, we can create, train and maintain a personalized machine translation engine that’s not only unique to your brand but can also saves you time and money.

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Keep control of the localisation process

Find it. Edit it. Publish it.


This centralized database of your SKUs, synced with your PIM saves you time by eliminating the need to upload new files each time you require new translations.

Its powerful search function allows you to search by product, document or content asset, allowing you to easily find the content you wish to amend, edit it and re-publish it with ease across multiple channels.

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Who, what, when

Real-time Project Tracking

Our client portal includes live project tracking information and allows you to:

  • Select content for translation, request and approve quotes
  • Check availability of linguists
  • Allocate internal reviewers or even your own linguists, if needed
  • Keep track of quality during each stage of your project with automated quality assurance flags (over 100 triggers)

Data galore

CUSTOM REPORTS - track what you value

All your data is at your fingertips and available for download, allowing you to manipulate it in your favourite data-processing software and take the following actions:

  • View spend by department / team / user
  • Slice data per season, per product or territory
  • Track volume and translation memory savings
  • Calculate translation spend and ROI per territory / language / session
  • Track all user activity (super-users only)
  • Check all annual orders, quotes and translation requests
  • View your invoice history
  • Create reports with custom filters

Manage your brand tone of voice in all markets

Keep it brief

CREATIVE BRIEFS - Integrated in the translation environment

We keep your brand at the centre of our work and your client at the centre of your communications. Your brief is always accessible and embedded into everything our linguists work on for your brand. It feeds glossaries, dictates QA reviews and actively prompts the linguists to follow any restrictions you put in place.

Consistently good


Translation memory is a repository of previously translated text that helps linguists work faster and more accurately. Together with glossaries, this technology helps to ensure consistency in terminology and tone of voice and can decrease costs over time.

Next-level QA


Quality management is a core aspect of our workflow. That’s why we’ve equipped our project managers with QA technology that helps monitor translators’ performance and highlights potential issues including, but not limited to, the use of off-brand terms to ensure the quality and consistency of the translated content.

Case studies

Below are some examples of how we've worked with some of our international clients.