Our proprietary translation management software, STREAM, helps improve collaboration between global translation teams, improves security, and most importantly, reduces your costs by increasing efficiency and improving productivity.

As a result of improved efficiency, the linguists handling your translation work (both project managers and translators) can focus on the content and quality of translations rather than administrative tasks.

We offer the use of our STREAM technology to all clients, free of charge. Here are some of the many benefits you can enjoy by using STREAM for your translation projects.


  • Efficient workflows mean that your translations can work more efficiently
  • The latest translation technology can lower costs
  • Advanced security and encryption drastically reduces security risks
  • Dedicated client tools give you transparency and control
  • The online editor enables centralized translation revision and editing


We were one of the very first translation agencies to develop and implement a translation workflow system. Although others have now followed our lead, the fact that we have been continuously developing our software for the past five years means that we have a mature and highly developed suite of tools.

The workflow system is a customized programmed critical path which automates alerting and administrative tasks, allowing everyone involved in the translation process to focus on delivering high-quality translations. The workflow system can be easily configured and has been specifically developed to handle the professional translation production and review process.

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Translation Technologies

STREAM is integrated into our translation memory system, which is the technology used to recall and reuse previous translations. This means that you can enjoy cost and time savings by re-using previously translated material. By default, your translation memory is exclusively assigned to your account, is confidential, and not used on other client accounts. However, we can provide enterprise-wide, or departmentally segmented translation memories on request for large organizations with multiple brands.

Glossary management is also integrated into STREAM and works in conjunction with the translation memory to ensure you have control over your language terms. This also help you re-use of all your multi-language resources for other projects or documents.

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Secure Translation

STREAM has features built-in to enable high security translation. It removes the need for file transfers and strictly controls access to online translation materials through dual-factor authentication, IP security controls, and information security protocols.

These features are modular and can be customized to ensure we create the right system for your company or translation project.

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STREAM offers you and your colleagues the tools to:

  • Receive instant quotes according to previously agreed rates, including translation memory discounts
  • Order translations online, immediately posting the work to your handpicked team
  • Track all work currently being quoted for and in progress
  • Search an archived storage center for previous translations
  • Review, edit and approve translations directly linked to your translation memory
  • Download management information reports to track our service levels and keep a handle on quality and costs
  • Create multiple privilege settings from user to super-user to enable better client-side management and control
  • Keep an eye on your account activity (super-users only)

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Online Review & Editing

STREAM provides an online review and editing tool to help streamline the approval process. Edits from reviewers are directly integrated into the translation memory. Where you have in-country reviewers or sales reps who sign off on translations, these tools help make that process quicker and easier.


STREAM has a fully functioning secure API, which allows you to interact with the system in the same way as by logging into STREAM. By integrating your systems with the STREAM API, you can receive quotes, post jobs, track your projects, and approve work once it’s completed in the way that best suits your business and internal processes. Using the API, it is possible to integrate not only your CMS, but even your CRM, ERP or EIS, if your business requires it.

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Our Translation Workflow System STREAM

Our Translation Workflow System STREAM