Cantonese Business Translation

Cantonese translations for business purposes are very important in creating the right perception.

The documents translated from Cantonese might be for marketing, they might relate to a negotiation or proposal, but the chances are that they contain important information and must create a professional impression.

We understand that because that’s what we’ve been doing for market-leaders in various industries for over five years. Our Premium Cantonese Translation service includes Translation and Revision by a team of hand-picked professional mother tongue Cantonese translators, and document checking by our in-house Project Management team, who are also experienced professional linguists.

The service also comes with a Translation Warranty, guaranteeing the quality of the Cantonese translation, and stating that within the parameters of the intial order we will work on the translation until you as the client are satisfied.

We have specialist teams of Cantonese linguists in various fields and competences. They are experts in their industry, with relevant knowledge and experience, and we assign them to work according to their skills sets.

Although many of our Cantonese linguists are located in Asia we also have a large number of mother tongue Cantonese translators and interpreters dispersed all around the world. Our global Project Management presence and dispersed teams of Cantonese translators means that we can offer you real advantages where you have tight turnaround requirements.

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