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According to the comScore report ‘2012 Brazil Digital Future in Focus’, Brazil is the seventh largest Internet market with a user base of over 46 million people aged 15 and over in 2011 (a figure up 16 per cent from 2010). The Brazilian government has spearheaded rapid development in internet connectivity, resulting in broadband adoption going from virtually nothing to connecting 88 per cent of the population in the last five years. It has also concentrated on providing computers to poorer areas of the country in an attempt to bridge the technology gap between rich and poor.

53 per cent of Brazilian consumers have accessed the internet at least once in their lives. Ten to 24 year olds are most likely to have ever used the internet; eMarketer found that 69 per cent of the consumers it surveyed had used social networking sites. 48 per cent of Brazilian consumers are expected to access the internet at least once a month by 2016 (that’s around 103 million users). By December 2011, Brazil had about 78.5 million internet users. It’s predicted that 80 per cent of Brazilian homes will have internet access by 2014.

comScore’s ‘It’s a Social World’ paper, released in December 2011, reports that 97 per cent of Brazil’s internet population currently uses social media.

  • Orkut, once the most dominant social network in Brazil, has been overtaken by Facebook
  • Brazil is the second largest user of Facebook in the world
  • Brazil has the third highest number of Google+ users worldwide
  • Blogging is very popular, with a 96% reach. Tumblr is the preferred platform.
  • Over 33 million people use Twitter, making Brazil the second highest
  • The social gaming market is predicted to be worth $238 million by 2014
  • YouTube reaches 79% of Brazil’s internet users

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Brazil Social Media In Depth

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