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Around 462 million of India’s 1.3 billion people are online. And while this is a relatively small proportion of the population – 34.8 % – India has the second largest number of internet users in the world, and has experienced 30.5 % growth since 2015. In 2017, 1.06 billion individuals (or 79 % of the population) had mobile subscriptions. As mobile data plans become more affordable and ubiquitous, access to the internet in India should become more widespread in the next several years.

In areas where infrastructure and fixed telecom lines are patchy, and many people would have to walk miles to access the internet, it makes sense that internet use will be driven by the availability of affordable mobile phones and tablets. As a result, brands targeting Indian consumers need to adopt a mobile-first approach to their campaigns, websites, and social network pages to be effective.

  • India has over 260 million active social media users
  • Facebook is the biggest social network in India, with around 241 million users in 2017
  • LinkedIn has around 42 million users
  • Twitter has 23.2 million active users, the second largest base in Asia-Pacific after Japan
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